The Future of Ad Intelligence: Sumit Ghosh

Authored by: Sumit Ghosh, Founder CEO, PowerAdSpy.

In terms of improving the overall effectiveness of targeted advertising, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) hold a lot of promise. Earlier this year, we have already seen the effectiveness and popularity of machine learning systems and AI based chatbots and how social media giants like Facebook, Instagram uses Intelligence algorithm to improve the results of ad campaigns. But what’s next? How can Intelligence further boost the success for business in 2019? We believe, it’ll become even bigger trends with mobile in-app advertiser campaigns in 2019.

In 2019, here are 5 trends Ad Intelligence, which will help maximize lift and improve ad performance across the committee.

Mobile Data Monetization Trend:

In 2019, all possible business models will hinge on the increasing revenue opportunity given by all data types, especially the case in advertising, with brands. And if they don't take a smarter approach to data management and data usage, then Ad campaigns will be going to fall flat in 2019. Considering a lot of business can reduce cost and grow revenue if companies monetize their data and use in day-to-day operations.

Why mobile data monetization trend is prevalent in marketing and advertising?

Monetizing the data to greater degrees in prevalent for every possible business venture today, but YES, it’s especially prevalent in marketing and advertising.

In near time, brands gain insights on where the targeted audiences are located, density and flow of targeted audiences, how they spend their time, what they’re interested in, click-stream insights about ad campaigns. These insights can be used to direct activities as varied as customer segmentation, pricing optimization, demand and churn prediction, cost management and, retention marketing — and they can also command even bigger margins when sold externally.

 Mobile In-App ad Creative Trend:

What can advertisers do to make sure their Ad spends return real values? Is there a better way?

In 2019, AI and ML can go a long way to make in-app ad creatives better for any targeted audience. By applying extensive historical performance data and advanced computer vision algorithms brands can determine more precise ad creatives that worked well in the past, and predicts what kinds of creatives will perform better in near future.

It can also help brands to get a better sense of how their target audience reacts to different Ad-creatives under different scenarios. As an example, it’s possible that advertisements that feature celebrities performs better or a particular fonts, colors, and imagery can boost the overall ad campaign results.

In addition, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) algorithms in conjunction with location data can help brands improve the creativeness and effectiveness of local campaigns.

In accordance with eMarketers, brands and their marketing partners are expected to spend more than $77 billion in the U.S. alone in 2019. However, ensuring potential benefits of using advanced AI and ML application in advertising can be sure to provide the better creative results  which are optimized for success and deploy quality results for business.

 Ad Supported OTT Trend:

Over the past couple of months the business of digital advertising has been changed. Marketers are trying to increase mobile audience of their content, lift their monetization game and better leverage the opportunity that newest trend brings.

In 2019, we expect brands and advertising partners could see that critical mass of viewers will watch Ad Supported OTT (Over The Top) video. And Brands that don't participate in Ad supported OTT will surely miss out the unforeseen heights of viewers for their Ad campaigns.

As per the reports, 73% of viewers who regularly streamed videos have more focus to watch ad-supported OTT, and out of them 45% of viewers watched Ad supported OTT the most. Over the 52% of OTT viewers are cord shavers or cord cutters. In continuation, why ad-supported OTT viewers cut or shave the cord, 38% better content on streaming services,42% cite “flexibility/convenience” and 77% point to cost.

 Here a few key potential benefits offered by Ad Supported OTT to the brands and their advertising partners -

Improved ability to reach a large and distinct audience across geographies and ages who have been a struggle to reach via traditional routes like radio or television advertising.
Increased number of audience to follow social media influencers with Ad supported OTT.
The largest amount of viewers are 18 to 34 age groups with incomes exceeding $75,000 a year.
A key opportunity to monetize valuable insight about audience, such as viewing habits and behaviors.
Another key opportunity for brands and their advertising partners is combining influencer marketing with OTT video ad campaigns as ASV OTT viewers are more likely to follow digital media influencers.
Viewers on Ad supported OTT complete 98% of ads, this is 12% higher than ad completion on smartphones, and 14% higher than ad completion on desktop.

Digital Advertising Transparency Trend:

Over the last few years programmatic advertising have seen many explosive growth, but there are few issues which have been laying dormant for years now. One of the biggest issues is in regards to Digital Advertising Transparency. In 2019, we expect they will be put into bed.

In 2019, we expect everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem to focus more on accountability, digital advertising transparency and openness throughout the entire blockchain. So what could be the solutions that can be solve these issues in this arena.

 First of all, advanced technologies designed to increase transparency will come in the front. The recent introduction of Ads.txt for mobile in-app environments and the Open Measurement SDK are only a glimpse of a larger problem here. It would not be surprising to see ad tech-focused blockchain app - which have been long on hype, however short on results so far - really make genuine progress in 2019.

Moreover, media supply chain partnerships will keep on driving these activities forward. While these sorts of transparency-focused arrangements were beginning to make genuine progress in 2018, siloed approaches and walled gardens still governed the roost in 2018. In 2019, expect cross-organizational transparency and openness to be the standard.

Furthermore, last yet surely not least, all digital advertisers will progressively put their money where their mouth is as far as prioritizing trust and transparency. For a really long time, the industry has paid lip service to these issues while still enabling issues to go crazy. That will end in the new year.

Do you think the biggest issues cited by brand and their advertisers throughout both 2017 and 2018 will be put into bed in 2019 or they will still pay lip service. Share with us…

 Programmatic Advertising Trend:

Is 2019 the year that could change the face of digital advertising? YES!! If we believe eMarketers, programmatic trading makes up 80 percentage of all digital display advertising and it has been predicted to increase to up to 95 percent by 2020. It has, and continues to, completely transformed the digital display advertising space with continuous inventions in advanced technology, which projected to represent over â…”rd of all digital ad spend worldwide in 2019.

 Final Word:

Throughout 2018, few trends such as blockchain, influence marketing, native advertising, and user generated content trends were as widely talked about - and lift up - as ML and AI. In the realm of Ad Intelligence growth, we expect that to continue to be the case throughout 2019.

Sumit Ghosh is a serial entrepreneur, who started his entrepreneurial career with an IT Services company Globussoft and scaled it to USD 2 million in annual revenues. His second venture Socioboard is into building automation products for digital marketing space. The Socioboard product suite, which includes PowerAdSpy, has MRR of $150,000 and comprises of desktop apps, three SAAS products, and mobile apps which have more than 1 million downloads and 300,000+ daily active users.


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