How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the retail and service industry

Authored by Shaurya Seth, Managing Director, Tresor Systems.

Due to the boom in the e-commerce platforms the brick-and-mortar retail has gone through a huge challenge in the past. However, it would be wrong to accept that the retail sector has lost its glory entirely. The sector is optimistic to make a comeback with grand impact towards customers. The experiential side of retail is incomparable to online shopping and services. The physical service entities come with the pleasure of discovering great facilities and products. Furthermore, people have become more keen towards a good experience which they can’t explore other than a retail store or service center. Hence, customers will still go to a physical store to enjoy the experience.

With promise of great customer experience brands are diving into innovative services from digital platforms to physical platforms, literally making retail sector undergo a periodic shift. With new technologies on the rise now a days being in the retail sector is not only limited to only the buying and selling job. The market has come far away from what it was a decade back and has significant transformation over the last couple of years. Today’s retail stores are innovative and equipped with all sorts of technology. The market will witness some of the biggest innovations which will change the way of customer interaction with the brands.

Retailers and service providers have already started experimenting with experimental technology in the field of customer experience. These emerging technologies are enhancing the entire experiential retailing scene by offering the most engaging services. The idea behind these service related offerings are add-ons which makes sure to sustain the footfall and popularity of the entity. 

A perfect example is Café Tresor. It is an AI enabled premium service center powered by Tresor Systems. The experiential service center opened its doors to the customers recently in the national capital. Conceptualized with the core fundamental of enhancing customer experience, Café Tresor comes with a uniquely designed customer service assistant. The service center is equipped with ‘Alisha’, a virtual assistant, fueled by latest AI Deep Learning and enhanced AI Capabilities to drive customer experience smoother and quicker.

Once customer is registered with Alisha, Alisha ensures an agent is available in stipulated time for faster checkouts. Designed with cutting edge technologies Alisha is equipped with Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Voice, which enables the cognitive engagement with the customers. Apple customers can avail this premium service in the form of an AI based concierge that manages the customer waiting time, service efficiency and overall customer experience. 

Café Tresor is curated around premium Apple services with a gaming zone, a music station, a fit corner with health gadgets, a co-working space and a café completing the unique experience the service center will provide.

Conceptualized by Tresor Systems, Café Tresor is rolled out exclusively to offer brand experience. Cutting down on the manual intervention the store revolutionizes the after-sales experience. Café Tresor gives an added benefit to access the co-working space with F&B facilities within the store premises. Making the experience more delightful, the store comes with an exciting gaming zone and a dedicated space to check out recent tech durables while they wait for their devices to get serviced. 

About the Author

Shaurya Seth is a young and motivated entrepreneur working hard for his success. At only 30 years old, Shaurya has already built a very successful retail company having presence in 15 cities in India. 

Shaurya is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoys sharing what he's learned with others. Shaurya Seth was appointed Managing Director of Tresor in 2011 after having served in PC Visor as a Product Manager. Post that he served as a liaising manager and led to another JV of Micro Clinic India and Hitachi Systems. Under the leadership and daily management of Shaurya, Tresor Systems has grown from $1 million to $ 40 million. 

He’s a keen believer in technology and his core interests are Artificial Intelligence and Philanthropy. In April of 2018 Shaurya became impatient with his opportunity for advancement, introduced elements of Artificial Intelligence in service domain and began developing a team of people who led to launch of his new Venture – Café Tresor. 


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