The Quintessential New PR: Social Media Influencer

Authored by Reva Malhotra, Public Relations Professional.

Trade pundits are highly admiring and cheering for the seemingly new courtship of PR and social media influencers. Yes, the rings have been exchanged and they are now a part of the same professional circle. It is a symbiotic relationship and both PR and social media influencers will reap the benefits of this companionship of convenience.

Social media influencers have added a personal touch to traditional methods of marketing and reputation building. These influencers already have a social media family and usually have an equation with most of their followers who frequently interact with them via comments, DMS and even engage in their live sessions. There is already a bond of trust between them so to advertise products a firm doesn’t need to start from the scratch. A local micro-influencer comes with a reasonable price tag, a tribe of 10000-20000 followers and willingness as well as time to attend client events. Unlike national influencers, they willingly make multiple posts about a single event which has transmogrified the method of reaching today’s audience. Various posts, stories and blogs cement the promotional event in the audience’s mind while also giving these influencers a chance to add the existing brand loyalists to their list of followers.

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Due to the menace of fake news and false claims by various brands the centre of consumer trust has shifted from traditional channels to somebody they regularly see on their news feed. Social media has also provided the consumers an accessible platform to voice their concerns and grievances along with their choices and preferences. These sites are analogous to a megaphone used by the customers to guide the manufacturers and service providers and also to cement their position as king and not subject of the market and production.

Effective employment of social media influencers by involving them in public relations strategy can directly cater larger audiences and lead to positive branding. This results in increased customer engagement and awareness. Giveaway contests on pages of these influencers’ pages is a common place practise and helps to create the required buzz as well as circulate a few samples of your product in the market without having to produce a separate stock of miniatures to be sent along with morning newspapers in which process the miniatures often get lost or damaged.

Switching from strictly tried and tested, trite PR methods to a more integrated effort by collaborating with social media influencers will provide quantifiable results without incurring much cost in the promotion and marketing. Jointly diving into the pool of customers with social media influencers is definitely a safe bet and will change the topography of the PR space even more.

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