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Who can enter? Agencies are allowed to enter. Creative agencies can enter if they produce a proof of their role in actual planning and/or buying of the media and its release.

a. The work entered should have been executed between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 

b. None of the entries should have name of the entrant, logo, and agency. Even the Audio Visual containing the creative should not have the agency logo or the agency name. The entry will be disqualified if this is not followed.

c. Entries must be for a genuine client of the agency and as part of the client’s marketing activity in the calendar year 2016/17 and not created for the purpose of winning an award. Verification of the client and legitimacy of the entry will be done by Adgully Team.

d. An entry form must accompany each entry with all details filled in as required. Entry forms not filled in correctly / incompletely are likely to be disqualified. Entries that are not correctly paid for are also liable to be disqualified. No refund is allowed in such cases. Incomplete entries or entries which violate this norm will be disqualified.

e. Entry fee once submitted will not be refunded regardless if the entry is withdrawn/disqualified.

f. The decision of the jury will be binding and final on the entrants.

g. The Media Innovation should be accompanied by the necessary creative support.

h. The name of the entry, the contributors, the client organization and the entrant organization cannot be changed once the entry is submitted to MOBEXX.

i. There can be only one Entrant Organization name in the entry form. However in the Names of Contributors in the entry form, multiple organization names will be allowed – these organizations should have contributed or collaborated on the submitted entry. Irrespective of the number of contributing organizations, the total names of individual contributors should not cross eight in the entry form.

j. Allocation of Points : Points will be allocated on the basis of Objective and strategy- 25%, Creativity  and Innovation - 40% and Effectiveness and Business Result-35%

k. Mode of Payment : Entrants may make a consolidated payment only via the website.. There will be no refunds for any reason.

* For Material required and Entry Fee, refer to the MOBEXX website.

Note : All material becomes the property of Adgully and will not be returned. The Adgully reserves the right to make copies of selected creative material for education and publicity purpose.

Rules & Regulation

Purpose of the Award

The Mobexx Awards is intended to recognize excellence and innovation, chosen from those who are nominated. The awards’ ceremony will be a gathering to reward breakthrough achievement in marketing & unparalleled outcomes across various categories beckon.

How to Nominate

a .Please carefully read and follow all Nomination Rules and Eligibility Requirements to ensure the nominee meets the necessary nomination criteria.

b. Submit your nomination online, all nominations must be submitted electronically by September 9th 2017.

c. All nominees will be notified of their nomination and will be asked to complete a questionnaire.  The judging panel will evaluate the nominee based on his/her answers and completion of the questionnaire.

Nomination Rules and Eligibility Requirements

a. All entries must include a 100% completed nomination form and conform to the entry requirements and questions.  Failure to submit a completed nomination form could result in the nominee being disqualified.

b. Each nominee should be in an active leadership role at a company/business/nonprofit organization that is based in India to be considered for the award.

c. All nominees’ business accomplishments and contributions must be of real marketing efforts.  No conceptual, hypothetical or abstract work will be considered.

d. By submitting to the MOBEXX Award all nominators acknowledge the right to Adgully to share the details with the Jury and officials involved in the process

e. Adgully and the judging panel reserve the right to rescind an award given out if it is proven that the work submitted was false, invalid, unlawful, illegal or otherwise infringes upon the intellectual property or proprietary rights of a third party.

Judging Panel and Evaluation Criteria Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of distinguished judges. Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

A. Objective and strategy- 25%

B. Creativity and Innovation - 40%

C. Effectiveness and Bussiness Result-35%





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