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Digital Advertising and Marketing are crucial to the success of every business. Hundreds of millions of consumers are online daily on Smartphones and laptops and other devices. Getting the attention of these consumers is important for businesses to grow. Unlike advertising on traditional media, advertising on digital media thankfully permits reaching a narrow audience. This makes digital advertising ideal for businesses that have a small advertising budget and want to reach niche consumers likely to buy their products or services. The success of a digital advertising campaign is dependent and directly proportional to the effort invested before launching it. Unlike the broader planning necessary before the launch of a traditional media campaign digital advertising and marketing demand surgical precision from inception. A few guidelines to create effective digital advertising and marketing campaigns are provided below.

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Select the Right Platform

Different social media sites are popular among people of different age groups and gender. Every brand that wants to run a digital marketing campaign will have to consider which platform its audience frequents.

Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are more popular among younger audiences while older audiences use Facebook.

Selecting a platform also depends on the kind of business a brand is in. Firms that provide tertiary services like accounting, healthcare, legal services, security, and others will benefit most when they run digital marketing campaigns on search engines as consumers in need of such services actively search for them using online searches. A brand that wants to engage its audience should use social media

Businesses like nightclubs, restaurants, resorts, automobile dealerships, among others will find success advertising on search engines and social media. Push marketing works best on social media platforms while pull marketing works best using search engines.


Targeting includes understanding who to sell to i.e. understanding which audience is likely to buy a company's products. It includes understanding what age group a product is likely to appeal to and whether to sell to men or women, children, middle-aged, or elderly. Teenagers have different preferences than senior citizens and will respond differently than the latter when they see ads for products.

A target audiences interests are an important criterion to consider. Those with an interest in different genres of music are likely to have different preferences in other areas as well. People who listen to the newest western music are more likely to follow the latest fashion trends and are a good audience for apparel brands. Audiences that love old Hindi songs may be ideal customers for businesses selling financial products or real estate.  

A seller of healthy foods will find success more easily when it targets regular gym goers. Those who enjoy different kinds of cuisine are likely to react favourably to advertisements from restaurants, night clubs, and advertisements for vacations.  A real estate firm will be more successful online by targeting men in their late 20s and 30s on social media. On Search engines, keywords like "flats for sale in Gurgaon", "Flats for sale in India", "Houses for sale in India" will be an effective way to pull those interested in buying a home.

Campaign Content and Appeal

Well made content is more effective than hackneyed content. Content should be tasteful and appeal to one's target audience.  When deciding the kind of content to create it’s vital to ensure it is relevant to the product or service advertised. For instance, an advertisement for a couples retreat should show attractive couples and facilities at the resort. A high-end restaurant should show appetizing images of cuisine made at the restaurant. Teenagers respond well to trendy music, and colours. It’s important to incorporate these when marketing to teenagers. Clever use of word play catches an audience’s attention.

Measurement and Application

Unlike the results of traditional marketing, the results of digital marketing can be easily measured. When a digital marketing campaign is successful, it rapidly leads to an increase in the number of inquiries. By measuring the investment made during a campaign and the increase in sales as a result, companies can calculate their Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI can be used to decide how much to invest in future campaigns. If the ROI is unreasonably low, it may be necessary to select a different platform. If the ROI exceeds significantly the cost of the advertising campaign, then identical campaigns may be launched in the future.  

About the Author

Ankit Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer of Weblinkindia. Ankit is chartered accountant and envisioned his career in the core financing industry, but the being a part of the niche that had been carved out by the perseverance and hard work of his father, Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta was alluring. He joined the business to look particularly into the Finance Department owing to his professional edge. However, gradually, he started learning the nitty-gritty of the tech aspects of the business and client management which tremendously excited him.

Client satisfaction has been the core the working of Weblink but Ankit brought in a fresh approach to it by drawing on the essence of the product management and pushing it towards excellence in order to give the clients a great user experience, good business and overall a fabulous ROI. For this, he delved deep and focus on analysis, assimilation and leading the execution of Product updation keeping in mind the market trends and future predictions.


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