Leveraging live streaming platforms for better audience connectivity

Authored by Sudhanshu Rai, Brand Strategist.

The field of marketing and communication is consistently evolving, leaving marketers perceptive when it comes to new ways of gaining customers and spreading brand awareness. Apart from the traditional media, the idea of live video streaming is budding and a number of brands are already harnessing it to build and strengthened the bond and connection with their target audience.

Live streaming platforms like Facebook Live, Pariscope, Vimeo - Livestream, Instagram, Bigo Live, etc. are helping brands to bridge the gap between their audiences on a human level. Apart from that it also allows people to take part in active brand storytelling in a way that can boost customer experience. So, what’s pulling you back from doing for your own products? Let’s understand how brands are making profit out of Live streaming platforms for better brand exposure and audience connectivity.

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Enhanced brand exposure

Brand without exposure is not a brand; I believe brand exposure is a key ingredient of brand management that is frequently overlooked as a success metric. Integration of Live streaming has emerged as a perfect marketing tool to create apt exposure along with educating people about the brand value that the companies would like to propagate. This opens the door to many amazing opportunities and that on its own can be very rewarding. Live streaming platforms allow brands to promote themselves and earn the customer loyalty unlike never before.

Builds Trust

Consumers are often pessimistic about brands and advertising. According to survey conducted by McCann Truth Central in 2017, 42% of Americans find companies and brands “less truthful” today than decades ago.  

Therein lays the great challenge: customers purchase products from brands they like and trust, though trust can’t be attained overnight. Live video gives edge to brands to strengthen and build trust during all phases of the consumer life cycle. With live streaming, you can divulge your company’s processes and be accountable and transparent to your customers – and in return, seek new followers.

Going Behind-The-Scenes

Live streaming is an influential way to take individuals on the journey of your business and making people to be a part of your growth story. By giving them an actual view of your business and showcasing whatever goes behind the scenes, you can make your customers  think in a way that they are a part of company’s creative process. Also, this will help brands to induce customers and build trust. Brands can even share behind-the-screen stories showing how they manufacture products, and encourage audience to take part in ongoing discussion and to give their comment as a part of the live stream.   

Enhancing Customer relationships

Live streaming Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pariscope, Vimeo- Livestream, and Bigo Live, etc. are enhancing brand and customer relationships, as customers can communicate with the brand in real time and at more personal level, leading to build faith and loyalty. Live streaming is amazingly effective at crafting a closer bond with your targeted audience. Because you will be talking with your customers in a usual and unedited way, audience would feel they are being a part of more authentic interaction – way more authentic than fiercely edited videos that are prudently scripted out.     

That’s a Wrap!

A live streaming platform brings a plethora of benefits for brands. With its increased adoption, more and more brands are likely to use it to boost active customer engagement and offer real-time experiences. It is vital for every brand to take a leap of faith in this latest social media offering, and use it to the fullest to connect with your prospects and community in a vivid way. So, get innovative and integrate live streaming in your social media marketing strategy to establish extensive and more personal relationships with your audiences, and showcase them who you are.   

About the Author

An MBA from IBS-Bangalore, Mr. Rai is a serial entrepreneur specialized in Marketing and Operations and has an experience of more than a decade in strategic consultancy and Market results for various International as well as national Brands. He has been a major driving force behind various brands including startups trying to establish a foothold in the Indian market right from concept success to future escalation for brand success.


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