83% of businesses say video marketing provides good RoI: Kashish Jhamb

Authored by Kashish Jhamb, CEO & Executive Director, City Innovates.

It is not difficult to understand why a video would be more popular over textual information specially online. Video’ are easy to understand and if made interestingly can be a very effective marketing strategy. Those businesses who are now taking to digital marketing as their main marketing strategies must completely understand the power of video marketing as a powerful tool for their business revenue strategies. Businesses must now tackle the art of incorporating effective videos to their online content to match their competition.

When we watch a video it gives us a real life picture of what is going on and it is also very easily sharable on other platforms. Video marketing is a win-win for both customers and the marketers because customers like it as it is easy to understand, entertaining and even engaging while for a marketer it has a high possibility of huge returns on investment through several channels. On the internet, videos are very easily accessible. They can be not only watched easily but with latest technology you can even create a video in no time. The biggest example has been set by YouTube and Facebook that has a huge number of monthly active users that are using videos to engage customers that never has been this accessible.

Let us have a look at how Video Marketing has become a necessity for your business

  • Videos are educating and provide information When you are able to show your target audience a really close up look at your product or service, it surely going to be more effective than the conventional method of attracting them with a Sale or a Discount pitch.
  • Tracks your results: A video content can be easily tracked by your digital marketers. It exactly tracks what your consumers saw to even when did they stop watching the video and how much did it convert into sales after consumers watched the video. This is just not possible through the traditional ways of content marketing as it is not possible to gauge how much did the potential customer read and which paragraph he omitted.
  • Videos build trust: It is said if you build trust in your customers, conversions and sales will happen on their own. The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and videos does just that. It creates a sense of individual approach and they are most likely to engage the potential users and even ignite emotions.  This is why a whopping 57 % of consumers gives a thumbs up to video marketing as it gives them more confidence to purchase online.
  • Demand of Videos with latest technology: The market is being flooded with latest technological gadgets and luckily all these gadgets are optimal to watch videos easily. Mobile users are soaring up and videos can be optimized in order to be easily accessible to all mobile users. A video can easily reach a user on their mobile phone, tablet and catch their attention.
  • Great ROI return from Video Marketing: Research conducted shows that 83 % of businesses say that video marketing definitely provides a good return on their investment even if producing a video is not very easy nor a cheap task. With digital marketing becoming more important amongst digital marketers, online video editing tools are constantly improving and becoming more effective. In fact, we have reached a level where even your smartphone can make pretty good videos with most of the effects that one would require.
  • Google loves Videos: It is natural that videos are a great way to increase the time a potential or an existing user spends on your website. When a potential user spends time on your page, it clearly builds trust and gives you an indication that your online content is on the right path. An effective content online with a video on your website will surely give a chance to show up first on the google search pages. The chances have increased since Google has acquired YouTube and which has increased the chances of your videos affecting your search engine rank.

There are hundreds more reasons that make video content or marketing important enough to be included in your marketing plans for your businesses. It is extremely important for brands to create emotional touching videos to take advantage of this type of marketing that is easily accessible and very much affordable.

As the CEO, Kashish drives the vision, strategy, and growth at City Innovates with zeal to position the company amongst the leading IT Companies in India, with a global outlook and fame. He steers the culture of ‘client-first’ which enables the team to deliver value to the clients globally; focusing on ROI driven initiatives. Kashish is endowed with an ability to accurately read the future and position the right product at the right time in the right market. He believes in the synergy of tie-ups, collaborations and partnerships, and is open to building businesses of mutual benefits.

He holds a Masters degree from the University of Alberta, Canada and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from ITM University. He secured the top rank in his batch in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has reviewed leading international journals including IEEE transactions and published over 25 research papers.



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