Digital Marketing Hacks to market your Startup: Rachitta Juneja

Authored by Rachitta Juneja, CMO, Letstrack

Rachitta Juneja, Director at Mirari and CMO at Letstrack, has worked in various Advertising, Events and Brand Communication companies. She has a 7 years of experience and completed her BBA Jims, IP University and Masters in theater from National School of Drama along with a Certification of Financial planning. Mirari is into Advertising, Digital Marketing and brand communication and is consulting LetsTrack since april 2018.

Startups are usually low on resources when it comes to setting up business at an early stage. They need extremely effective and bang on marketing strategies to establish as well as sustain in the market.  Therefore, making the right use of your limited resources and initially going for smart ideas that can help you stay in the spotlight.

Before you get onto attempting number of ways to enter in the market, you must make sure that all the important elements of your startup are in place. Since you need an enormous growth, you must look for mature ways of marketing that can help you reach the promising target audience.

Here are five effective ways to market your startup at an early stage:

  1. Decide your positioning right

Before adopting any marketing strategy or plan, you should know the distinct position that your brand is going to occupy in the market. Many startups in the race of making money and connections forget to position their brand in the right way. However, brand positioning is the foremost step in exploring marketing streams for your business.

Right brand position is the driving force of any business. It helps in shaping services and structuring prices better. Through right brand positioning, you add uniqueness to your business that helps you claim that particular feature as ‘yours’. This adds an incredible brand value and helps you grow leaps and bounds.

To position your brand right, you must identify the key industry players, competitors and their unique positioning in the market. These steps are important to understand the competitive landscape and market analysis that can help you develop a distinct positioning.

  1. Work on your web presence

Your web presence is the window to your business. It is the first impression that your potential clients get and perceive about your offerings. In the ongoing digital era, it is absolutely important for your business to have an outstanding online presence to target the mass audience.  Even if you are not into online selling or E-commerce business, make sure your website is well maintained and timely updated.

An effective web presence helps in showcasing your portfolio and offerings and it becomes easier for the world to know about your work profile. So create your web presence the way you build your home and office.

Work on a universally compatible design that helps the visitors interact with your brand better. Apart from making it attractive, focus on the ways to make it easy to use.  Moreover, to let your clients stay on your web platforms, use interactive design and content elements. Such elements bring memorable experience for clients and help in increasing the conversion rate.


  1. Work on valuable content

Using valuable content on your web works the best for making your web presence strong. Not only the clients, but Google and other search engines also like valuable and fresh content. However, several startups make huge mistakes in creating their content. In order to spend less, entrepreneurs look for low budgeted writers who provide good number of words but compromise upon the quality of the written piece. This lands them into serious trouble of getting low website ranking and customer engagement on their platforms.

Whether you are creating content for blogs, submitting authored articles or making podcasts make sure your content is original to add credibility to your platform. Maintaining originality helps in gaining you the authority as an expert along with free traffic on your web channels.

Every post or article you publish, try to title them with unique and catchy headlines to make your website stand apart from your competitors. Try to engage clients with the information and your style of presenting the content. This improves your web ranking and draws more eyes to your brand. In addition, never forget to include smart keywords in your content. These keywords improve your SEO ranking and boost your content in the search results.

  1. Leverage your social media presence

This is one of the most popular and important ways of marketing your business. It is one of the best channels to drive communication with your target audience. Undoubtedly, social media gives you extremely interactive channels to showcase your business and its offerings, resulting in attracting large audience for your startup.

Social media marketing is all about creating conversations and transitioning to influencing people with quality content. Therefore, work on your social media presence and influencer marketing strategy to retain the existing clients and engage new clients with great brand exposure.

  1. Get involved in offline networking

Seminars, networking events and workshops are extremely important offline ways of marketing that help you build strong connections with like - minded people. Whether speaking on the stage, sponsoring an event or attending a seminar, you tend to extract some insights that are fruitful for your business.

It becomes extremely important to participate in such events in order to gain the desired exposure. They are a good idea to get involved in the meet ups with some experienced and fresh minds who can suggest you with new ideas to flourish your business.


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