Make 2019 – A year of SIP #Happy SIP Year

Many people begin the New Year with resolutions towards leading a healthy and better life in the year ahead. The interesting feature of most these resolutions (Gym membership or taking up a hobby) are that there will be a money element attached to it. So, in effect the resolution turns into an ‘EXPENSE’.

This is where ICICI Prudential MF comes in. Through its latest campaign ‘Make 2019 – A year of SIP’, the leading mutual fund house wants investors to make a resolution to spend but in the form of starting an SIP, thus making the resolution an ‘INVESTMENT’ and not an ‘EXPENSE’.

With this campaign, ICICI Prudential MF not only aims for its investors to reap the benefits of Systematic Investing through SIP but also urges them to take a step towards Tarakki by making a resolution that they can keep!

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Abhijit Shah, Head – Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience said, “In continuation with our Diwali campaign ‘Yeh Diwali SIP wali’, we would like to keep the SIP momentum going hence have launched our recent campaign ‘Make 2019 – A Year of SIP’. We also believe that market shall remain volatile in the near term on account of various factors, so our recommendation for investors is to go the systematic investment route. Hence, we have been calling 2019 – A year of SIP”.

Furthermore, starting an SIP is a simple and an effective New Year resolution that you don’t have to worry about breaking. In fact it has additional benefits of allowing investors to average out the investment cost through periodic installments and can further create more wealth through the power of compounding. “

SIP is kind of an investment approach that imparts a discipline and a steady habit of investment in the life of an investor. The earlier you start investing with SIPs, the better it is. Even if you save a small amount per month, your investment compounds over a longer term and can give you an advantage for wealth creation.

So this year, Invest Smart & Get Systematic! Happy SIP Year!


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