Liva by Aditya Birla encourages Women to 'Drop the Tags'

To salute the women behind Liva, Birla Cellulose announces the launch of the video titled ‘Drop The Tags’ showcasing the power of women on the occasion of Women’s Day. It encapsulates the story of each woman and how she tags as well as un-tags herself, unknowingly and knowingly at different stages of her life. With a strong message, ‘My Life My Tag’, Birla Cellulose recognizes the women’s ability to make choices in life on how she’d like to be distinguished as well as remembered.   

#MyLifeMyTag celebrates the fact that only YOU define your own tag. Today, the way one dresses, how one speaks, how unabashed ones views are, can earn one the tag of being reserved, brash or uncultured, and it is time this is changed. Birla Cellulose believes that each woman should be the creator of her tag and laid down a strong principle of ‘equality’ while saluting the powerful spirit of women who tirelessly contribute to the society. The video further brings alive the notions that tags given to women (as a part of their identity) should not stop them from being the bold.

With an empowering closing note of ‘Let’s Celebrate the only tag that matters!’ , LIVA  quashed all those notions, acknowledging that women were born as equal and have an identity of their own, beyond the conventional roles. The video asserts that a woman deserves being in control, a strongest person alive, fabulous, self- made, confident, multi-faceted, liberated, strong and powerful.

The video has been created with a lot of care, with real people and real tags given to them, and how they’ve shed them.


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