ABP News’ Desh ka Mood survey projects NDA short of majority

Desh Ka Mood, leading election programming of ABP news, today released the survey results done by CVoter. The timeline of the survey was from 1st Week Feb 2019 to 1st Week March 2019 spread across PAN India. The survey finding showcased that the Balakot strikes have made BJP’s core voters happy and repositioned the party for neutral voters, putting other opponents on defensive position. This entire episode has helped BJP consolidate its position just before the general elections with Prime Minister taking a central role as a protagonist. Survey result also shows that PM Modi is the first PM after Indira Gandhi to attack sovereign Pakistani territory.

Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network said,We at ABP News Network have pioneered the art of bringing well researched and thoroughly analyzed facts that provide a holistic perspective to the viewers. The trends presented by this edition of ‘Desh Ka Mood’ highlight the changing dynamism in the pitched political battle for the impending union elections 2019. The paradigm shift shows rhetorical hoopla and the changing mood of the nation after the Pulwama attack and the Balakot air stikes on POK by the Indian Air Force. This ‘Desh Ka Mood’ offers the current clear image of the political scenario within the country and the intricacies that are indicative of a hotly contested election.”

He further added, “Desh Ka Mood not only offers a decisive perspective but also engages the discerning audience. ABP News Network has been steadfast in bringing this entire drama to the people and accentuated their entire comprehension of this political grandeur from the largest democracy in the world.”

Survey Data Results:



All India




Party Alliance







All India





Party Alliance






The survey shows a very interesting insights for the first-time - security issue competing and outdoing a bread and butter issue like unemployment

Unemployment has been the number one issue as pointed in the survey. Unemployment was the number one issue for 29% respondents in first week of 2019, it has ever since moderated to 22% by March 7, 2019. Security issues and terror strikes had for most part remained a non-issue in the survey. Post-pulwama there has been a meteoric rise in the importance of this issue. From a recall rate of around 2.6% in days preceding Pulwama attack, the issue has a striking recall rate of 26% currently.



SOTN Poll Sample Size: 50000 plus

SOTN Poll Fieldwork: 1st Week Feb 2019 to 1st Week March 2019

Sample spread: ALL 543 Lok Sabha seats across ALL states


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