Sony SAB launches ‘Gupp Chupp’, a new silent comedy series

The rival confectionary business families, Sethis and Kohlis fight all day long but there’s never any commotion or yelling as one would imagine. But, how is that even possible! Well, Sony SAB’s new show Gupp Chupp will show you just how. Gupp Chupp, a new silent comedy from SAB’s bouquet promises its viewers uncontainable bouts of laughter and entertainment. The show’s medium of storytelling will purely be through visuals, with support of some sound effects and music. This sugar coated comedy show will premiere on the weekend slot starting this Saturday and Sunday, 6th and 7th of August at 20:30 hours only on SAB.

SAB has been a pioneer in bringing silent comedies on Indian television screens. Further to the success of these silent comedies, the channel now launches a new series, Gupp Chupp. The story chronicles the histrionics of the Sethis and the Kohlis, both poles apart in every sense. Their main bone of contention is their business. The Kohlis run a cake shop and the Sethis, an Indian mithai shop. They both provide excellent delicacies to their customers and keep on contesting with each other to lure more customers their way. The families are forever at loggerheads as they all have difference in attitudes, tastes, likes and dislikes. At any given point, the two families try to outdo each other which gives rise to hilarious situations.

Just like their businesses, the Sethis’ who run Sethis’ Mithai are very desi at heart, always festive, generous and loud in nature. Whereas, the Kohlis’ who run Kohlis’ Cake Shop featuring premium international desserts and are always very western in their dressing and behavior. However, the children of the families are the best of friends much to the chagrin of their parents. Most of the times, the kids are the catalysts in their adventures, but sometimes they also end up providing solutions to problems faced by the grownups. Though, the families keep on hatching nefarious schemes and plots to beat each other.


Anooj Kapoor, Senior EVP and Business Head, SAB TV

SAB has been the only channel to have done successful silent comedies in the past. Gupp Chupp is another endeavor from SAB in the genre of silent comedy. I am sure that the audience would love the fresh premise, situations and characters woven around yet another silent offering from SAB.”

GuppChupp will air every Saturday-Sunday, 20:30 hours only on SAB TV!




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