Social Media Week explores the power of storytelling & communities

Social Media Week, a worldwide digital gathering that associates pioneers crosswise over ventures to “re-imagining human connectivity”. The point is to talk about force of innovation and its worldwide effect, Social Media Week has speakers who are specialists in the digital space.

Innovation has an extraordinary impact in the way masses associate, convey and disentangle messages. The driver for the global subject for 2016 is the acknowledgment of changing innovation and interchanges – ‘The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology’ (and how we can Harness it for Good). This worldwide gathering, Social Media Week - Mumbai is sorted out and facilitated by R Square Consulting, an integrated marketing services agency.

The evening started with the key speaker, Vivek Nayer, CMO, Mahindra and Mahindra. His main focus was on ‘Power of Storytelling in the Landscape of New Media’.

He explained this with a simple illustrated example, which showcased a beggar and his begging bowl written, ‘I’M BLIND. PLEASE HELP’. But a passerby rewrites it as ‘IT’S A B’FUL DAY AND I CAN’T SEE’. And after this, gradually the donation in his begging bowl increases unexpectedly. That’s the power of storytelling, how differently you say it and touch human emotions for engagement.

He added, “The key factor behind it is to make your story telling, Engaging, Believable, Memorable, Repeat Value. These factors inspire action and it travels. And of course, traditional media constraints to storytelling, and new media needs Innovation.”

He further spoke about brand values central to storytelling, which mainly revolved around the campaigns of Mahindra. One famous campaign of Mahindra, ‘Live Young Live Free’, was of 2 minutes duration and was first released on digital platforms and later the shorter version was released on TV. This ad had Relevance, which gave an idea to opt to know more about the brand and Context, which made the campaign contextually relevant.

“Long format video, ads, DIY, Digital only, Travellogues, Events, Mobile apps, etc., works on digital platforms,” Nayer added. Moreover, User Generated Content also had an effective impact as such content is Topical, Real Time and Interactivity. These factors bring engagement and buzz and with innovation and become Viral, all for a good reason.

He further explained Storytelling in three stages for digital platforms:

Before: Content, Teaser, Countdowns

During: FB Live, Tweet, MiniClips, Updates, Drones, 160 technology

After: Picture Video and Videos

Taking the stage next was Rohit Verma, Founder, R Square Consulting Services, who emphasised on the ‘Power of Communities’.

“Communities power social media, they drive conversations, engagement and they can fuel brands too. Humans like to be part of communities with same Interest, Passion and Belief,” Verma noted. He further said that this gave more authority, more loyal users, repeat visits and much more, which helped in building a strong community. There are several communities existing like Bikers Community, Runners Community, Foodies Community, Music Community, Adventure Community, Photography Community, etc.

According to him, Coke Studio is the best example of Music Community as one will only find passionate people with music background, there is no dilution in this community. Similarly, NatureInFocus is a photography community where one can fill the form and upload their work, like a series of photos with or without text. The most shared and liked photos get uploaded on the site, thus giving passionate photographers and travellers a platform to showcase their work and get good exposure in art galleries and exhibitions.

“What I have learnt from running this NatureInfocus festival and other festivals are – Understand, Support, Engagement, Plan for the long term, take opinions and feedback.” He further added, “Empower them, they will empower you.” 


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