Remembering WWE’s legendary pranks this April Fools’ Day

While you know your favorite WWE superstars in the ring, the WWE locker room can be one of the funniest places, subject to numerous tricks and pranks. Behind the athleticism, machismo and bravado that our Superstars put up, some of them are downright hilarious pranksters when it comes to pulling a fast one on their co-stars and fans. This April Fools’ day let’s remember personal narrations from WWE Superstars as they pull off hilarious pranks on the most unexpected people. From putting cheese in vests to leaving a co-star at the gas station, it’s all fair in and out of the ring.


“It was kind of a three-way prank; the initial one was supposed to be on me. It was me, Miz and Hornswoggle in Canada. I’ve traveled with ’Swoggle for years and I refuse to let him drive because his arms are too short, he pulls the seat all the way up to the steering wheel, barely has his toes touch the gas pedal, and if the airbag goes off, he’s dead. And he’s a sporadic driver anyway, so I never, ever, ever let him drive.Miz thought it would be funny to let him drive. We went to a gas station and I get out of the car, and Miz gets out, ’Swoggle gets out, and as I come out of the gas station, ’Swoggle’s in the car, in the driver’s seat. I’m like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ He’s like, ‘Oh, I’m driving.’ Initially they wanted to get me by having ’Swoggle drive, then I’d get in the back seat and have no choice. But I got out [of the gas station] before Miz, so I jump in the car and immediately we look at each other, we’re across the street from the hotel, and we go, ‘You know what? Let’s leave Miz at the gas station and make him walk.’ We drive away just as Miz is coming out, and we’re driving down the street, and I think ’Swoggle’s going to turn and pick him up, [but] he drives all the way to the hotel. It was about a quarter of a mile away, because we could see Miz walking. We pull into the parking lot and we see Miz walking from the gas station, waiting to cross a highway and this big field full of ice, and finally getting to the car. We got to watch and laugh the entire time.” Said Kofi Kingston


Long time ago, in The Spirit Squad, we had a rivalry going with Big Show & Kane. We used a Subway sandwich, a six-inch cold-cut combo, left it in the middle of the ring and used a microphone cord to make a giant loop, almost how you would catch something in a cartoon. Like, you have to catch it in a rope. So we made a giant loop, put the sandwich in the middle trying to catch him, and thought it would be funny if maybe we caught [Big Show], and we’d all go pull the rope and we’d fall down like a ‘Three Stooges’ bit. Long story short: He grabbed the sandwich, fell for the trick and we caught him. He went, ‘What the hell is going on?’ and then proceeded in that match to beat the living crap out of us. Deservedly so. Big Show refused to tag in Kane and just beat us up the whole time. We deserved it, we had it coming, but we all apologized and had a good laugh about it afterwards. Several outfits were ripped … and a lot of chops were pulsing out of our chests.” Said Dolph Ziggler


 “Honestly, I’ve been around that [pranking] world for a long time; I was a part of that era. But I think due to my street mentality and where I come from, I was never much of a prankster, and I never liked guys to prank me. I’ve never been one of those guys where they would hang my clothes up or take my stuff, because they knew how mad I would get; I’d really want to fight. Other than one person, and that was Brian Knobbs from The Nasty Boys.I remember we were on tour in Germany and Knobbs had been pranking everybody on the plane flying over. We were friends, I didn’t think he would get me. I also always dressed really nice, and that day I had a nice jacket on with a sweater vest and a shirt with some nice slacks. Anyway, I fell asleep, and when I woke up I had two pieces of cheese inside of my vest that he had stuffed in there, and they had made big round spots on my shirt. You can’t get that out. I realized all of my fingernails were painted red and I had whipped cream stacked up on top of my head like yay high. The road agent was sitting right behind me on the plane. I look behind at him and I go, ‘Man, you need to take care of this. This needs to stop.’ He looks at me, shows me all of his fingers, and all of his fingers were painted red also.” Said Booker T


“I’m not much of a prankster and no one seems to prank me, to be honest with you. It doesn’t happen that often. I’ve had the typical ‘people steal my championship and give it to me three seconds before I have to go out.” I couldn’t even tell you how many times that’s happened; it’s ridiculous. The [Money in the Bank] briefcase might be the biggest prank that’s ever been pulled on me, having to carry it around the airport. I don’t mind bringing it to the shows; it’s the airports, because these regular human beings look at me in the airport like I’m some sort of alien walking through the airport with this banged-up, scratched-up briefcase that says ‘Money in the Bank,’ like, ‘What the hell is that?’ So yeah, the briefcase itself is the greatest prank of all.” Said Seth Rollins.


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