A King-sized Prank from the King of Good Times

This April, Kingfisher brings to you Kingfisher Instant Beer! Kingfisher now – anytime anywhere – with the Kingfisher Instant Beer mix!

All you need is water!

With its patented Freeze DryingTM technology, Kingfisher has made this possible and is now available for tasting! So good bye heavy walks home with bulky bags filled with beer and no more fighting for space in the fridge for beer bottles before the party!

For an exclusive first taste – head over to kingfisherworld.com/instant beer and register yourself NOW!

Sounds too good to be true – well one day it could really happen, but till then – Keep the Good Times rolling with Kingfisher!

April Fool’s Day calls for exciting pranks from brands! And Kingfisher has joined the fun quite seriously!  Last year, they pranked their fans when they announced the launch of Kingfisher Fitness band. This year, they are back at it again with the ultimate April fools’ prank and this time. The brand pulled a fast one by announcing the launch of a new product – Kingfisher’s Instant Beer mix, a revolutionary product which would change the beer industry. Almost felt like the brand was solving a need gap for the beer drinkers.

The campaign went viral and set the digital space ablaze with over half a million views in 48 hrs across social platforms and over 70,000 shares. The microsite garnered over 34,000 registrations for samples and the prank was trending on WhatsApp since the launch with people sharing the videos across WhatsApp groups

They announced that soon Kingfisher will be available in instant mix sachets which can be carried anywhere and be used to make beer anytime, simply by mixing it in water. They also provided a website link for the customers to register themselves for the exclusive first taste of the instant mix.  

Fans were excited to know that having a beer was going to be so much more convenient and accessible. The innovation was quite unheard of and coming from a homegrown brand like Kingfisher, it was an exciting news for the fans. Although it turned out to be a prank, fans really wished that such easy to carry and easy to make Instant brew product was actually a reality. Nevertheless, the prank the fans all excited about the innovation and the brand, which is exactly what the brand wanted to do.

The brand announced on April 02, 2019, it was a prank and there was no instant beer mix, however they could go and grab a cold Kingfisher Premium, and celebrate the Good Times. And we really hope that this instant beer mix becomes a reality very soon.


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