'Nothing is impossible for 130 crore Indians' declares Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi

The final day of the 5th Global Business Summit was kicked off with the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s address where he made a resounding declaration of the positive changes that the government has brought about in the last five years and the significant improvements the country has made on almost all global rankings since 2014.

PM Modi said, “Since we have formed the Government, hesitations have changed to hopes, obstacle to optimism and issues to initiatives. Since 2014, India has made significant improvement in almost all international rankings. World's perception about India is changing.” His power packed speech further outlined a $10 trillion vision for the country and making it third largest economy in the world. 

“With the support and partnership of the people, India has made rapid strides since 2014. This was not possible without Jan-bhagidari. It is this experience that gives us confidence that our country can provide opportunities to all its citizens, to grow, prosper and excel,” PM Modi said, 

"During 2014-19, the country would register average growth of 7.4 per cent and the average inflation would be less than 4.5 per cent. Post liberalisation of Indian economy, this will be the highest rate of average growth and lowest rate of average inflation witnessed during the period of any government," PM Modi said.

He expressed his confidence in the way Indians are changing and making the impossible possible, PM Modi said, “It was said that a corruption free government is impossible, but people of India have made possible.  Namumkin ab mumkin hai.” 

“Before 2014, we heard about a competition of a different kind ­ -- competition on corruption and delays. But, now we have a competition at whether India will get 100% sanitation first or 100% electrification first,” he further said.

“We have moved away from the A,B,C mentality A for avoiding, B for burying and C for confusing Instead of avoiding, we dealt with the issue; Instead of burying it, we dug it out and communicated to the people; Instead of confusing the system, we showed a solution is possible,” the PM added.

He said India will take the lead in Industrial revolution now, “India may have missed the bus in the first three industrial revolutions. But this time it’s a bus that India has not only boarded, but will also drive,” eliciting hearty applause from the audience comprising policy makers, and corporate honchos from India and across the world. He further said, “It is technology that is bridging the gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in India.”

“When we made the fastest train, we also eliminated all unmanned crossings. When we are aiming to land in Mars, we are also ensuring a roof for every Indian,” the PM added.  “We are not just making in India. But, also now innovating in India,” the PM said.

“Today change is clearly visible. After 2014 hesitation has been replaced by hope. Obstacles by optimism. And issues are replaced by initiatives,” he added.

Complimenting the relevance of this year’s theme said, “Let me first compliment you on choosing the word 'social' as the first word of your theme for a business summit. I am also happy to note that the people present here are discussing the challenge of how to make development sustainable, which happens to be the second word of your summit. When you talk about scalability, it gives me hope and confidence that you are discussing the solutions we need today."

He ended his speech on a high note, saying, “Making India a 10 trillion dollar economy, 3rd largest economy, give countless people energy security, reduce import dependence and become leaders in electric vehicles and energy sources.”

Ambassadors and high commissioners of Saudi, UAE, Indonesia, Morocco, Czech, Argentina, Serbia, Maldives and Sweden attended the PM session at the Summit today.

The Global Business Summit 2019 is presented by The Economic Times and YES BANK and powered by Facebook. This year’s theme is sustainability, scalability and social change.


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