Fighting On Ice – A Sports Documentary, Directed by Mithun Bajaj

Documentary features are a modern day tool to bring forth information that would help change public perception or support a cause or present the picture in its true form which otherwise remains in the blind spot for the larger audience.

Sports are one of the most spoken about in the Indian subcontinent. But unfortunately when you say Sports – it generally refers to cricket which is almost a religion in this country. While efforts have been taken to support and promote other forms of sporting event, the format generally is cricket in its various forms. The IPL, the CCI the test matches, one day internationals and the format widens.

Filmmaker Mithun Bajaj, who has been an ardent sports promoter, not just enjoys cricket but supports games across. In his opinion, Ice Hockey – a form of winter sport is something that is least spoken about. At best, it is not a known form of sporting event in the country to many.

The documentary Fighting on Ice is not an ordinary feature documentary on sports. It brings forth the true fight between passion and struggle of people. It brings for the rare appetite that many sportsmen both men and women possess for Ice Hockey which goes beyond money, fame and the closed doors of government.

It speaks volumes about the sports people and their struggle to keep not the just the sport alive, but kindle the passion so that it may stay lit amongst the next generation as well. The documentary also features Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir and India's winter sports hero Shiva Keshavan.

Without official support, sponsors or private corporate or individual funding the sport is still alive because of the genuine passion the sport people have for this game. It is appalling that even sports companies have not come forth to sponsor the equipments or the tournament. Given this scenario, it is an arduous task undertaken by these people to keep the game alive – a passion not keeps the flames of passion this game burning but also make their country proud!

Mithun Bajaj, through this documentary has brought forth the imminent need for the country to know about these fabulous sportsmen –their passion and true grit and positivity, to put make the country make its mark in this exciting sporting event.

The film as made its mark in the international circuit with thumping approval from both the audience and crtitcs alike. It won the Best Documentary at the Eurasia International monthly film festival. It has been officially selected at Auckland International film festival and Rome Independent Prisma Awards.


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