Dating hotspots

Date has to be that four letter that is dreaded by the parents and looked forward to by the youth with equal gusto. We were curious to see how & where these youngsters found their dates. According to our study “Age of Sinnocence,” college is the most important place where the youth find “interesting” people of the same wavelength. This is where 53% of the interviewed youth found their love interest. The other interesting place is house parties when parents are away allowing them to bond over a short period.

With more life happening on digital than in real life, they turn to their computer to as well for to find their dates. The distance & anonymity allows girls to gradually know the person from a safe distance for a long period of time before getting entangled in anything real. And Orkut that drove people to coin the term “fraaandship” scores above Facebook when it comes to finding dates.

With so many opportunities, it is no surprise that parents dread the four letter word so much.

By MTV Insights Studio

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