‘Chal Udte Hain’ brings alive a brother’s emotions to empower his sister'

Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Blush’ along with Castrol Activ Scooter creates a video celebrating RakshaBandhan

Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Blush’ and Castrol Activ Scooter collaborate to celebrate the beautiful bond between a brother and sister. A brother is your first best friend and your partner in crime, he loves you unconditionally, inspires you, motivates you and most importantly he empowers you! ‘Chal Udte Hain’ tells a heartfelt story of a brother becoming the wind beneath his sister’s wings!

Featuring popular digital star Mithila Palkar, the video follows the love-hate relationship of a brother and sister by showcasing some of their most memorable moments while growing up. Encouraging women to take charge of the tougher things in life and becoming more independent, Blush propagates that the sister can protect and pamper her brother just as much as he does to her through the video ‘#ChalUdteHain’.  The video is a montage of flashbacks about the life lessons a sister learns from her brother which eventually gives her the confidence to face the world on her own. On the occasion of RakshaBandhan, the sister exudes self-confidence making her brother proud.

Speaking about the film, Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush released a statement, “People always treat women as delicate beings who need to be looked after and protected. There is also this wrong stereotyping of how women cannot do well in certain ‘male dominated’ domains. We want all the women to know that they are just as independent and capable as their male counterparts and for men to realise that the biggest contribution to their sister’s lives would be to encourage them to not only be self-sufficient but also push these so called boundaries. There can be no better gift a brother can give his sister.”

Kedar Apte, Head, Brand and Communications- Castrol India Ltd commented, “The greatest benefit that a scooter gives the woman rider is independence. When given the right positive reinforcements throughout childhood - this independence is showcased everywhere including the vehicle she chooses to ride and its upkeep and maintenance Through this campaign on Rakhshabandhan we are trying to show how strong and interdependent brother-sister relationship is. In the video -the brother is chief ally, who encourages his sister to break barriers and inspires her to take full responsibility of her scooter including its maintenance…it’s a progressive & forward-looking narrative.”

Anita Kotwani, Leader, Client Leadership, Mindshare said, “We have always believed that if you are able to build content around cultural relevance and bring in a new dimension to the storyline then it definitely resonates with the audiences. We are confident that this video will touch the hearts of millions of brothers and sisters in India and bring them closer to Brand Castrol Activ Scooter.”

Mithila Palkar spoke on her experience, "Women, in general, have been taught for centuries that they need to be protected by their male guardians. Chal Udte Hain is a thought provoking video about brothers protecting women by making them self-reliant and taking confidence in their independence. I had a wonderful time working with the Blush team and take pleasure in being associated with this inspirational video. I’m sure the audience will love it.”

To all the brothers- help your sister believe she can and she will. Here’s to looking at Raksha Bandhan in a whole new way!long with Castrol Activ Scooter creates a video celebrating RakshaBandhan


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