Tonic Worldwide launches Gipsi to create value through insight mining

Tonic Worldwide, an independent digital agency has launched a unique research division called ‘Gipsi’. Gipsi was born out of clients' need to get a holistic view on consumer understanding and actionable insights for brands. In an era of information overload and debates over AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vs HI (Human Intelligence), clients are excited about the endless possibilities of insight mining. However, they are often faced with confusing and opposing POVs from multiple research reports. At Tonic, the team feels this problem, needs the eye of a Gipsi which can connect multiple dots, faster and top it up with a unique worldview which comes from various experiences of having worked across digital, research, advertising and marketing on a variety of categories and brands. 

The Gipsi team has designed a unique Hybrid approach to mine actionable insights from multiple data points, by applying tools such as deep listening, netnography, digital ethnography, virtual surveys, GA and AI. The approach breaks the silos-based research of online-offline, quantitative - qualitative, AI - HI, real time-controlled sample etc. The team also launched its own lifelogging Mobile App, Gipsi. 

This enables them to capture data in real time about consumers' digital habits and micromoments. The app will also be used to ask relevant questions to the consumers at the right interventions to make it contextual and get unique insights. The team is clear that this cannot replace the traditional research. However, it can definitely help clients to move from a fragmented view to holistic view on any consumer task.

This research division is being headed and driven by Unmisha Bhatt, Chief Strategy Officer, Tonic Worldwide and Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide, who together bring more than 30 years of experience of brand building in mainstream advertising, consumer research, marketing and brand consulting along with digital marketing.

Commenting on this new initiative, Unmisha Bhatt, Chief Strategy Officer, Tonic Worldwide says, “This initiative comes as a breakthrough for us and further reinforces our human philosophy and consumer-first approach. The way consumer behavior is evolving, an amalgamation of both the traditional and online way of gathering data was much needed, to arrive at actionable insights. We feel the time is right for Gipsi’s official launch after having gained confidence from our existing clients and tremendous response from the new clients.”





Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide says, “Gipsi answers clients’ need to understand the consumer who is online & offline across many categories. While the Hybrid approach by Gipsi was designed to move away from fragmented views to holistic views, we were pleasantly surprised with the outcomes of some of the categories such as intimate wear and QSR, which went beyond the brief and delighted clients by throwing up unexpected questions and answering them. We realised the secret ingredient in Gipsi is the power to swiftly connect numerous dots!”


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