TLC, India’s favourite lifestyle destination presents a new season of BIZARRE FOODS: AMERICA. Andrew Zimmern is back with another helping of culinary adventures as he continues his quest to taste the weird and wonderful foods that can be found in and around America.

BIZARRE FOODS: AMERICA premieres on November 28 and will air every Saturday at 8 PM.

Andrew believes the best way to learn about other cultures is by sharing food. The latest season of BIZARRE FOODS: AMERICA follows Andrew to a different city which is home to a tantalising treat of the most peculiar local eats. There’s no shortage of weird in the U.S. and the brand new season will spotlight more of the country’s unconventional side and its quirky, unseen subcultures!

From braised goat’s brains and horse heart salami to Japanese miso brownies and fried pickles and chocolate, the U.S. is a flavourful, melting pot of cultures and Andrew is set to explore this smorgasbord of eccentric local and global foods that have made their way there! He also checks out some edgy eats in Toronto, Canada, a city that is renowned for its international cuisine.

Follow audacious Andrew and his iron stomach as he experiences unusual edibles in the following episodes of BIZARRE FOODS: AMERICA.

Pittsburgh, Catfish and Kiska

America's Steel City has a knack for blending old and new food traditions. From nostalgic favourites like pyrogies, stuffed cabbage and braunschweiger, to cutting-edge dishes like goat heart tartare with celery foam, Pittsburgh is a food lover's paradise! Andrew goes catfishing with a local and prepares deep-fried catfish served with spicy Bangalore sauce. He also meets a Vietnamese immigrant for banh mi sandwiches. He also learns how kischka, an old-world sausage that’s popular in Pittsburgh, is made with pork skins, liver and blood.

Virginia, Cicadas and Cownose Rays

Whether it’s turning invasive creatures like mysterious Chinese snails and Cownose rays into food, or experimenting with the flavour of the state's iconic meat, Virginians certainly aren't afraid to shake up tradition! Andrew goes on a hunt for pests and turns them into lunch, makes soup out of cicadas that emerge once every 17 years and feasts on tasty Chinese eats by an extremely skilled Szechuan master.

NYC Overnight: Bizarre At All Hours

Andrew pulls a night shift to explore the hidden world that fuels the City That Never Sleeps. From devouring braised goats’ brains at a cabby hangout, to slurping blood clams at a fish market at 4 a.m. and sampling baked goods with a Japanese twist, Andrew finds out why feeding hungry locals is an all-night job.

Minnesota State Fair: Curds, Corn and Cracklins

Andrew hits the Minnesota State Fair where close to 2 million people visit for some of the country's most kitschy and strange foods. Doughssants – a cross between croissants and doughnuts, fried and frozen sweet corn, and fried pickles with chocolate, these are some of Andrew’s many discoveries at the fair.


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