Tata Salt rings the city with ‘Sehat ki Goonj’ campaign this Dussehra

Tata Salt, a pioneer in the Indian branded salt market, today kicked off celebrations for “Dusshera-2016”, in Delhi. A festival that is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil, Dussehra is celebrated with the reenactment of the famous “Ram-Leela” play based on Ramayan, in Delhi’s Ramleela maidan. Crowds gather in thousands to watch the play that pans over four evenings which starts with a costumed parade by all the performers. Keeping with the brand promise of ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh ka Namak’, Tata Salt launched an innovative campaign called ‘Sehat ki Goonj’ in order to spread awareness among women about anemia, which is highly prevalent among Indian women and children.

A ‘Shankh’ or conch holds high regard in Hindu religion and culture. The sound of the sea shell is believed to eradicate all negative energies and usher in wellbeing before the start of something new or auspicious. Women are ardent believers of this and during Durga pooja, they blow the conch to ward off negativity. Keeping with the brand promise, Tata Salt Plus “Sehat ki Goonj” campaign will set up a large conch as an installation at the Ramleela Maidan. Women will be invited to blow the conch and decibel units produced by them while blowing a conch for over fifteen to twenty seconds will be recorded. Since blowing a conch requires strength and stamina, the decibels produced by each women will give an insight into the health of women at large. Through this activation, Tata Salt Plus aims to showcase that iron plays an important role in making a person healthier and stronger.

Speaking on the innovation, Mr. Sagar Boke, Head –Marketing, Consumer Products Business, Tata Chemicals stated,“Indian mythology and religion are beautifully painted with the most colourful tale of our Lord Rama and his wife Goddess Sita. Lord Rama fought with great valor to get back his wife who was abducted by the evil king Ravana. We at Tata Salt, view anemia as an evil that has afflicted our country, where 55% of women and 73% of children in India are iron deficient. People across Delhi flock to Ramleela This provided Tata Salt Plus the perfect opportunity to reach out to more than 11 lakh people in Delhi and educate them regarding the seriousness of being an anemic nation.”

Ramleela was started over one hundred and eighty years ago by the Mughal king Bahadur Shah Zafar for his army and people and it is one of the oldest traditions that the capital city can boast of. Tata Salt Plus will also be carrying out the ‘Sehat ki Goonj’ campaign at the FD Block Salt Lake City pandal in Kolkata.


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