Strategies that will define PR’s success in 2019

As the New Year begins, Anindita Gupta, Co-Founder, Scenic Communication, lists the mistakes done by PR firms in the year gone by and what needs to be done to avoid them in 2019. 

Draft the script properly for any campaign  

Plan your campaign properly; draft the campaign in a way that all goals are covered properly. A lot of agencies don’t draft the full plan at a single go, they do planning stage by stage, which creates problems. One must keep evaluating, be flexible and choose the right channels that will help to promote the objective in the best way.  

Be alert always while communicating  

PR people have to communicate in an alert manner always with any person. The slightest mistake can spoil the relationship. Read it 10 times before posting it on social media or sending an email or communication through any medium. Establish a set of goals and track its results accordingly for communicating at various platforms.  

Teamwork is a must for success  

Work in a team to receive the largest benefit for the client. Don’t let any campaign be handled by just one person. Set the agenda in a way that multiple stakeholders – both internal and external – get involved in it. Use everybody’s strengths as every person will have something different. Work as a “we” instead of “I”. Hire a team that has varied knowledge so that in crises situation they can help each other in a better way. 

Write the press release properly  

Do not push irrelevant news or information in the press release. Make a press release that the editor will feel like carrying in his publication. The press release needs to be all about the customer and not you as an agency. Always write a press release with a client-focused message to get sure success. Avoid long press releases as journalists get a lot of them and long releases don’t interest them. The press release must be news worthy that will be carried by all media people easily. 

Have a defined brand voice  

Branding is a very important part of Public Relations (PR), posting the right content at the right place of communication also helps branding the product. Branding includes offline as well as online branding of the product. In the social media format followed today, not taking a brand voice may lead to major crises. One needs to have a well-defined sense of the brand and promote it accordingly on various social media platforms. Only post the content that is related to the brand on any social media platform.  

Tag the proper target audience  

Even if you have the best content, if it is not posted at the right place, it goes all waste. You have to focus on the right target audience to get the best results. The focus of the content has to be the audience.  

Think local, but act globally 

A PR agency will be doing a big mistake if it is ignoring the local media. As they play the role of one of the major influencers in the market. One has to think of the demographics before deciding on the press release that needs to be disseminated to the media. One also has to think about the kind of readers that are there in the area and create the content accordingly. 

Actually, there is no strategy to plan the best PR campaign. PR success or failure depends on the concept – whether it is good or bad and the way it is executed.


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