Parle Kismi strengthens its digital strategy to woo the youth TG

Parle Kismi recently rolled out its new TVC after three years focussing on today’s youth, in a way entering the list of Emoji campaigns. Keeping the tagline, ‘Har kismi mein hai Kiss’ in mind, Vipin Dhyani, Founder & Chief Creative Director, Thoughtshop Advertising & Film Productions, came up with the idea giving a refreshing twist for new age teenagers, who are mainly glued to mobile and use the emojis. 

In the TVC, tool wise emojis explain the tiff between a young couple and how the boy makes an efficient use of Kismi Emojis to woo his girl. Kismi Emojis come as a rescuer and the eureka moment is that we see the couple together. Thoughtshop has conceptualised and created communication films for various products for the Parle Group, which include Hide and Seek, Hide and Seek Bourbon, Milano, Monaco Smart Chips, Mango Bite and Krackjack. 

Explaining the insight and creative thought process behind the campaign, Vipin Dhyani said, “If you notice advertising for the confectionary segment, it comes under ‘impulse’ advertising. Simply saying, we as a consumer don’t calculate or judge our decisions before buying a candy or toffee, as we do before buying a car or a refrigerator. We feel like munching something sweet and we choose any brand available. The category is quite cluttered and so is the advertising. Thus, o finding a differentiator in TG is a better bet sometime.” 

Link to the TVC: 

He further said, “To keep Parle Kismi in the teenager category was definitely a good move. As the name suggests, ‘kismi’ gels well with teenagers than a younger age bracket. We took the brief from the client as we had to communicate with the TG in a contemporary manner, without losing the focus from the product. So, story wise we took the Emoji route, where we see a cold war situation between a girl and a boy. The girl throws a bouquet belonging to the guy, back on him and the boy is trying to appease her by sending a virtual bouquet via emoji. She snips it quickly with her emoji of a pair of scissors. He sends an overexcited smiley and she breaks its teeth with her hammer emoji.” 
“Finally, kismi comes to his mind as a saviour, he clicks the real kismi and sends her. He strikes the right chord and a happy reunion, followed by our product window with the voice over, which says: ‘Parle Kismi. Har kismi me hai kiss.’ (A Kismi is equal to a kiss). So, in this visual narrative format the guy is trying his best to win her back, but when nothing works, the ‘spotlight’ moment comes on the product. It is a gesture of a truce in this case,” Dhyani added. 

The campaign has been crafted out well with cool graphics and a romantic background score in order to be palatable for the appropriate TG. 

When asked what took Parle Kismi three years to come with up a new campaign, BK Rao, Deputy Manager – Marketing, Parle Products, replied, “Parle Kismi was promoted through print media and Point of Sale material during these years. In an increasingly cluttered market, we felt the need to promote Kismi and hence, the new TVC.” 

Further speaking about the objective of the campaign, Rao said, “The objective is to build the brand proposition of ‘Har Kismi main hai ek Kiss’. The brand Kismi plays the role of an enabler between lovers, friends or so.” 

“We all remember Kismi since our childhood days. While promoting the brand via TVC, the brand name appeals to the youth. Hence, we decided to target the teens and the youth TG,” he said, while commenting on the progression of Parle Kismi from a kids brand to the current target audience (teenagers and young adults),” he added. 

Commenting on the key growth areas for Parle Kismi, Rao stated that the focus for Kismi is to increase the width of distribution in the urban markets. Kismi has been traditionally a strong brand in the rural markets. 

Parle is looking to promote Kismi via platforms like Facebook and YouTube and is tapping youth occasions like Valentine’s Day, etc., in terms of incorporating social media in their communication strategy.


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