News, Games and Social Apps most installed by Indians: MoMagic report

News, Social Media and Gaming apps are the top 3 categories installed by Indian mobile users, according to a recent study conducted by MoMagic Technologies, a fast-paced, innovative, AI and Big data driven mobile tech firm. 

The report, titled ‘Lifestyle Insight of App Users in India’, gives an overview on the lifestyle choices a particular set of App user profile may have or follow, predictably. The report is drawn upon from ‘TrueInsight’, MoMagic’s DMP (Data Management Platform). 

Key Highlights:

  • On an average, an Indian smartphone user usually has 50 apps, including pre-installed apps; equally distributed among men and women (Men have 50.5 apps and Women have 49.8 apps).
  • News related app installs saw a jump of 94 per cent in Q1 2018 vs Q4 2017, followed by a jump of 80 per cent for social media related apps and lastly, gaming apps at 52 per cent, respectively.
  • News app users are seen to install apps related to Food & Drink, Health & Fitness and Automobiles. This segment values their diet, health and drive more on a daily basis.
  • Social App users are one of the key users of dating apps, other than automobiles and weather.
  • Game App user segment, mainly consists of parents, who share their devices with their children and hence are found to have more of parenting apps, followed by comics and beauty.

“India creates one of the largest news content across tens of languages, which is consumed by users across age groups. News related apps continue to outperform other segments and is expected to grow further, thereby making it clear that in the near future content is going to be a clear winner in the Ad tech sector,” observed Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO, MoMagic Technologies.


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