Medlife encourages Indians to vote for their health during 2019 Elections

As the country votes for its next government, Medlife, India’s largest online pharmacy and e-diagnostic player unveiled the #HealthForTheNation campaign. The idea behind the initiative is to make people aware that they are not only voting for a new government but also for the nation’s health and well-being.

The campaign encourages voters to upload a picture of their fingernail with the election ink, along with with the hashtag #HealthForTheNationto avail exciting offers from Medlife. The company has collected health-related data for 29 Indian states which bring to the forefront some alarming statistics. From startling gaps in doctor-to-patient ratios in states to the incidence of diseases, the findings are an eye-opener for everyone.

For instance, while the WHO recommends 1 doctor per 1000 patients, in some states such as Uttar Pradesh, the gap is as wide as 1 doctor per 20,000 patients. In Haryana, the ratio is 1 doctor per 47,619 patients.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr Tushar Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Medlife, said, “A healthy nation and better health facilities are everybody's right. However, not many people are aware of the country’s health status. As part of the Medlife #HealthForTheNation initiative, we are sharing the nation’s state-wise health report cards urging the government to make healthcare a priority. Through this initiative, Medlife aims to educate people about the health issues prevalent around India and encourage them to vote for the nation’s ‘health’. While you take the onus to improve the nation’s health, we at Medlife will take care of your health.”

Adding further, Mr Boman Irani, Actor, said, “We have created health report cards for each of the 29 Indian states and urge your constituency to improve upon the health parameters. Happy voting fellow Indians and I wish Medlife a very successful campaign #HealthForTheNation.”

Apart from gaps in the number of doctors, several States also rank high in terms of the deaths per day due to non-communicable and communicable diseases. While Maharashtra has a death rate of 164 people per day from ischemic heart diseases in Sikkim tuberculosis is one of the major health hazards. A lack of proper sanitation, availability of potable water, organized and institutional delivery programmes, subsidized and iron-rich food for pregnant women and good air quality continue to ail most of the States.

India is the world’s largest democracy and voting is a right that every citizen must exercise. With this campaign, Medlife aims to empower people and understand the importance of voting in ensuring overall health and well-being for the country. The findings are an effort by Medlife to further its agenda of helping make healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Servicing over 20,000 deliveries daily across 29 states, and 25,000 pin codes in India, Medlife holds a 30% market share of the Indian e-pharmacy market.  Its lab services are currently operational in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Hyderabad; and will be extended to other locations going forward. The company recently crossed the 1000 crore plus run rate as of March 2019 and expects to achieve overall sales of 1500 crores with an exit run rate of 2000 crores over the next financial year.


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