LAYER’R SHOT adds layer of social change to deodrant ad

LAYER’R SHOT with its new campaign has tried to break away from all the deodorant ads in the category. The new campaign is conceptualized and executed by Triton Communications. Ads in this category often talk about how deodorants make one sexy and appealing to the opposite gender. LAYER’R SHOT takes a leap from the existing category clutter with its new refreshing thought of “Soch Ho Khushboodaar”.

This campaign revolves around older adults who are judgmental about today’s youth. The brand has used this insight to offer their support to the youth by showing them that the new fragrance just spreads good thoughts and eradicates the negative/judgmental thinking happening around them. The brand launched 6 new fragrances with this campaign called LAYER’R SHOT MAXX.

LAYER’R SHOT's mother company Adjavis Venture Limited was incorporated in 2013. It is a customer-focused organization having experience in building and launching some of India’s foremost brands in the FMCG and OTC segments. LAYER’R SHOT current portfolio includes Body Deodorants, Body Spray and Perfumes.

This campaign is assured to break the shackles of badboodaar thinking that the society has and appeal to the youth.

Devendra Patel, Managing Director, Adjavis Venture says
 – It was very important to catch the pulse of today’s target audience – The Youth and the problems that they face on a regular basis. Triton understood this and captured the solution to this problem in a very humorous and beautiful way. The agency crafted a nice ending thought to the film - LAYER’R SHOT - Soch Ho Khushboodaar and the same was weaved in quite well in the storyline.

Virendra Saini, Executive Director, Triton Communications adds – LAYER’R SHOT has always been a product for the youth. The product has some amazing fragrances and at a very competitive cost. I feel that this campaign will give the product and the brand, the right push and will create a positive stir in the market where competition is really fierce. Also, Varun Dhawan is a perfect fit for this campaign as this product appeals to the youth and who better than Varun to represent today’s youth and their thinking. The script demanded someone who has humor and also, someone who can bring freshness and liveliness to the brand.

Speaking about the campaign, Jyotsna Parikh, Creative Head, Triton Communications says - In the perfume category, it’s all about ‘boy meets girl’, ‘boy gets girl’. We wanted to break away from this mould and still be relevant to the youth. We realizedthat today’s generation just wants to live and let live but they are constantly judged by society. That’s where ‘gandi soch ki badboo’ originated. By the time we finished the film, it had become a part of everybody’s lingo right from the director to the sound engineer to the editor to the VO artist. We’re sure it’ll pick on with the youth as well.




Client: Adjavis Venture Ltd

Advertising Agency: Triton Communications

Business & Branch Head: Virendra Saini

Creative Head – Mumbai: Jyotsna Parikh

Creative Director: Dharini Pradhan

Copywriter: Pratyush Dave

Account Management: Paramjit Singh Talwar, Khushboo Patil

Production House: Far Commercials

Producer: Jeet Surendranath , Rohini Pinto , Sonika Mody

Director: Shashanka Ghosh

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