Jason Kodish, Chief Data Officer, Publicis Groupe quits after 13 years

Jason Kodish, Chief Data Officer, Publicis Groupe, has put in his papers after spending 13 years with the group. He confirmed his decision to move on in an e-mail to all staff of the group, which was also put in his LinkedIn page. 

Kodish had joined Digitas in 2006 and was Global Chief Data Scientist there before he was given the responsibilities of Chief Data Officer at Publicis Groupe in October 2017. 

As Chief Data Officer, Kodish has been driving the collective power of the talent within the Data and Analytics practices within the Groupe, working as a leadership team that is uniting a team of more than 3,500 engineers, data scientists, analysts and tech leaders. 

In his e-mail, titled ‘How I said good bye to Digitas/Publicis after nearly 13 years...’, Kodish wrote, “So, nearly 13 years…and today is my last day at Digitas…within Publicis. As many of you know, before this latest decision to separate, I have quit four times in the past five years…but I have never left the building.” 

He further wrote, “Now I am leaving...but I leave knowing that the people…my team…my family will be cared for by Jen and Andrew and Whitney and Jason and John and so many more that love the team as much as I do...I leave knowing that you don’t need /me/ for you to do amazing work…you don’t /me/ for you to create and to re-invent…that you don’t need /me/ for you to be amazing because it was the people on my team…the people in my orbit that helped me do amazing work…to create and re-invent…to be amazing.” 

He ended his lengthy e-mail with “10 key points”:

  • Quit your job every two years: You should continuously look to re-invent yourself
  • Apathy sucks!: Have passion for the work or the people. Love what you are doing. Or leave.
  • Be bold: Don’t think small. Be great!
  • Don’t negotiate against yourself: You must believe in what you are saying, doing.
  • Ask for something: You will not get what you don’t ask for.
  • Declare victory...and then move on.
  • Embrace disruption: Disruption is what leads to growth.
  • Steal from others...and build on top of it. Make it amazing.
  • Create...Build!: Leave your mark on everything you do.
  • Exits are as important as entrances.

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