India News-Polstrat Exit Polls For General Elections 2019

The political battle for power in India drew to a close after the last vote was cast in the final phase of the general elections today. iTV Network’s, India News, India’s leading Hindi news channel in association with the Polstrat broadcast the Exit Poll results which gave a clear indication of the electoral trends across the country. As per the results, NDA is projected to win 298 seats, while UPA is expected to win 118 seats, other(s) will get 127 seats out of the 542 Lok Sabha seats.

According to the projection, the single largest party, BJP alone will get 250 seats as per India News-Polstrat Exit Poll data while Congress will be getting 76.

The results of the India News-Polstrat Exit Poll indicate in Delhi, BJP is getting all 07 seats, surprisingly Congress and Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP are not getting a single seat. While in West Bengal, BJP is getting 14 seats, Congress is getting 02 seats; TMC is getting 26 seats. India NewsPolstrat Exit Poll results from Uttar Pradesh indicates that Gathbandhan (SP-BSP Combine) will get 40 seats, SP will be getting 25 seats while BSP will be getting 15 seats. Data indicates that BJP will be getting 37 seats, while Congress will bag 02 seats in Uttar Pradesh. In Bihar, JD (U) +JP is getting 17 seats, BJP will get 15 seats while RJD is projected to get 06 number of seats. In Punjab, SAD will get 03 number of seats and Congress will be getting 09 number of seats.

India News-Polstrat Exit Poll from southern states indicate in Tamil Nadu, ADMK + PMK will be getting 12 seats, while DMK+ will be getting 19 seats. In Maharashtra, BJP will lead the race with 23 seats while BJP’s allies Shiv Sena will be getting 13 seats, while as per the data, Congress will get 05 seats and NCP is getting 06 seats. From Madhya Pradesh, BJP is predicted to get 21 number of seats while Congress will get 08 seats. In Rajasthan, BJP is getting 24 Seats, while Congress is getting just 01 seat. The India News-Polstrat Exit Poll forecast that BJP would win the lion's share of the vote in many of the big states which have traditionally decide the fate of the polls.


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