iGenero launches AI bot – B51

iGenero, an end-to-end digital marketing solutions provider have added another dimension to its portfolio of services through the introduction of B51 (www.b51.in), a chatbot offering which is envisioned to be a humanoid. It will be rebranded and reprogrammed as per individual brands business, culture and requirements.

iGenero is one of the few agencies who has been able to identify the growing trend of fewer apps and growing conversations. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft recently quoted, “Human language is the new user interface.” A statement pointing out that in the past few years’ apps used per person/month is stagnant at 26 apps, a statistic that is predicted to steadily decline in the coming years.

Chatbots are all set to replace them. Chatbots are like Google, but go beyond just questions and allow you to book restaurants or flights, make appointments, send emails or order takeaway for you without the additional need of sifting through millions of product listings and bad search results with a conversational touch. They will be integrated on already established messenger platforms like FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack or on the present website eradicating the need for downloading another app. In China, 600 million people use messaging app WeChat every month to hail taxis, book doctor’s appointments, pay utility bills. iGenero introduces chatbots to India in the real terms.

iGenero’s B51 will enhance customer experiences through every touchpoint of the brand. B51 will enable brands to connect with their customers in real time regardless of the platform they choose to communicate through. It will help in lead generation by elevating the level of customer engagement through interactive and entertaining content anytime and anywhere the customer chooses to connect with the brand.

B51 will help the brand transcend their customer service to 24/7 convenience. All the streamlined services of the brand can be taken care by the chatbot, eliminating human error and time constraints. It’s encoding reduces the lag between question and response, giving the end customer a feeling of spontaneity and attention. Its memory feature enables it to remember customers giving it a personal touch and elevating level of brand loyalty. B51 can be integrated seamlessly across platforms like FB Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Twitter or your own website and CRM software.

Commenting on B51’s introduction, Aditya Gupta, CoFounder of iGenero said, “Artificial intelligence has evolved significantly and B51 is one of the best products to come out of it. In the short term, B51 will help brands in providing real-time customer support, lead generation, drive traffic to brand communities give brands a multi-channel presence. However, in the long-term B51 will be programmed to gauge emotions and respond to the customer in the same state of mind they are in. Increasing customer engagement manifold and providing brands a 24/7, 365-day brand ambassador.”


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