How clocked 4x return on ad spend with Yahoo India and reached new customers

The sleep and home solutions brand leveraged Yahoo's ‘AdLearn’ and ‘Predictive Audiences’ offerings, which channelized artificial intelligence and machine learning is a research and innovation-driven sleep and home solutions company with a portfolio that spans over mattresses, pillows, beds, sofas, work desks and more. manufactures its products in-house and caters to consumers across the country. Founded in 2016, the start-up established itself early as an industry disruptor, selling a touch-and-feel product like mattresses online. has since been a trend-setter for its customer-centric practices and creative marketing strategies, earning recognition for campaigns like the viral Sleep Internship Program. It has catered to over 6 Lakh customers across India and has received over 1 Lakh positive reviews online. leveraged Yahoo’s Native and DSP solutions, in conjunction with its unique first-party data, to successfully reach potential customers most likely to convert. was aiming to maximize Return on Advertising Spends, (ROAS) and through a high-performing month-long campaign, clocked a 4X return on ROAS. Therefore exceeding goals on incremental revenue growth.

Setting sights high was looking to target relevant audience segments and drive quality traffic to the brand’s sleep and home solutions offerings, thereby improving product sales. 

A plan comes together identified its target group on demographics - male and female customers over 25 years. Consumers with affinity, identifying habits and interests including ‘Buying a House,’ ‘Parents’ and ‘New and Upcoming Movers’, ‘Home Improvement Products’, ‘Furniture & Accessories’.  

The challenge was successfully discovering and reaching these potential customers online and identifying those most likely to convert.  

The campaign leveraged Yahoo’s Native and DSP solutions, in conjunction with diverse first-party data signals, garnered from search, mail, commerce, content, and more. was particularly interested in unlocking advantages from Yahoo’s industry-leading targeting capabilities, stemming from robust ‘deterministic signals’ like search query signals, content consumed and commerce data of consumers across the network.  

The campaign pivoted on proprietary ad technologies from Yahoo namely ‘AdLearn’ and ‘Predictive Audiences,’ which channelized artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive advanced targeting and results. Predictive segmentation uses machine learning and probabilistic equations to build a quantitative model that leverages one million diļ¬€erent attributes to predict the purchase probability for each user and target users most likely to convert. Additionally, Yahoo’s flexible audience targeting features made it possible to adjust the campaign for greater impact. began the campaign with Yahoo Interest Categories and curated 3rd Party custom segments. Thereafter, as the campaign progressed, it doubled down on Predictive Audiences to improve ROAS. further engaged consumers with a portfolio of native experiences which drove better campaign performance and increased ROAS. 

 Ground floor talk 

Bringing in the big score!

One of the key goals of the campaign was to increase ROAS, which the campaign delivered on with a strong 4X return on ROAS. 

By effectively tapping into the power of Yahoo’s Predictive Audiences and retargeting strategies, was able to reach users more likely to convert. This enabled to get additional conversions which helped drive more sales.  

The campaign drove 61% conversions on Native ads, driven by Predictive Segment and Lookalike audiences - reaching new prospects that looked a lot like’s customers. By leveraging data points from sources such as Yahoo Mail and Search, lookalike modelling was able to help build a larger, scalable audience that reflected the characteristics of’s seed audience. 

The campaign delivered exceptional performance, with 53% conversions on DSP, driven by Yahoo Interest Categories’ audiences. In addition, it delivered lower costs, with a 20% decrease in CPC (Cost Per Click) and 37% Decrease in CPA
(Cost Per Acquisition). 



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