Guest Column : How hotels are using various hotel Technology Solution

The travel and tourism industry stands above most as one to accept consumers from all walks of life regardless of age, earning potential, and language of communication.

Solutions provide hotels, answers to the question that show a consistent pattern: distribution, productivity, revenue and new challenges of Home Rentals etc. The strategic team works with the client using clear and down to earth methodologies, digging deep into the roots of issues to come up with insights and customized answers.

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This industry has stood the test of times. Imagine this, the industry has and continues to enable big airliners, chain of hotels, and other service providers across the globe get hordes of travelers enjoy the products and services.

The internet boom has revolutionized the way products and services are consumed, and we are at the forefront of it too. Just look at Airbnb and other innovative low cost mass service providers setting up shop. We have grown with them, innovated with them as well.

Success in any industry depends on how well we understand our consumers and how we can deliver expected services as well as delivering WOW experiences. I believe that modern day tech tools designed from scratch for service providers enables them to look deep into their sales and use intelligent cloud based software applications to mine patterns of how people consume products and services.

Inventory management tools and consumer facing applications allow businesses to analyze data and unearth new contexts to how people consume services. This is the biggest, and the most strategic innovation helping the industry players understand selling and demand patterns and market their services intelligently.

The world was going Digital at a crazy speed but the hospitality industry not so. AxisRooms recognized the gaping need for technological intervention in the hospitality industry and introduced its Global Distribution Platform for hotels as the first product now AxisRooms - A Complete Hotel Technology Solution.

(The Author is Mr. Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO, AxisRooms)

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