Freshfalsabzi appoints Sanjay Goel as CEO, announces new growth strategy

Freshfalsabzi (FFS) has brought on board Sanjay Goel, ex-Paytm, as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Goel will also be inducted as a whole-time Director of the Board and will be joining the company by June 1, 2016. 
"As FreshFalSabzi opens its new chapter, I can think of no one better to lead FreshFalSabzi (FFS) pan-India," Rajesh Gupta, Founder of FreshFalSabzi, said of Goel's appointment. "Sanjay has a proven ability to envision correct business strategy, foster innovation, ensure disciplined execution and deliver results; this combined with his strong core values, makes Sanjay the perfect choice to lead FeshFalSabzi. We believe that his personal passion to always use technology purposefully will also ensure that FreshFalSabzi becomes most sought after brand for purest fruits and vegetables in India." 

Goel has 18 years of entrepreneurial experience and has founded interesting diverse businesses in past. He has initiated diverse businesses like founding India's biggest lifestyle air-fragrance company (Ethnic India), to creating a mobile web platform Mobivite‬‬‬‬‬ (acquired by #‎Paytm‬‬‬‬‬). He has worked closely with leaders of global companies in building breakthrough business solutions. 
On his new role, Goel said, “I am honoured to lead FreshFalSabzi (FFS), an iconic company in food & vegetables industry. “Fresh” is a mission for us. We worship it. Clean nutritious food is the fundamental right of every human being. People care for their families’ health and wish to buy chemical-free veggies and fruits, but good quality fruits and veggies are either too costly or existing vendors are not trusted fully to have followed all food procurement/processing standards. FFS will be synonym of hygienic and nutritious vegetables and fruits in India. I feel proud to share the vision and walk the path with Rajesh Gupta , founder" 
Bullish on growth
With the fruits and vegetables industry slated to be multi-billion dollar industry in the coming decade, FreshFalSabzi is gearing up for growth by creating demand channels on the one side and improving upon the supply side while ensuring better quality. The company is building and bringing world-class cultivation technology to India to efficiently produce nutrients-rich, zero pesticides produce. 
FFS currently delivers in North Delhi, West Delhi and some parts of South Delhi households via its own team of bikers and vans. Soon, the company plans to spread to entire Delhi NCR. 
This journey will be escalated in three stages. From providing cleanest FFS, to farm picked fresh produce, to nutrients rich certified FFS from company controlled franchised farms. With each stage there will be reduction in cost of procurement, increase in variety, improvement in quality, a better living for farmers, a far bigger reach out to consumers, and all this will be done via combinations of agri-tech, IoT (internet of things), SaaS and mobile tech. All the IT and agri-tech will be designed and applied to ensure modular and replicable growth.
After reaching the 2nd and 3rd stages in backend procurement/ production, the company plans to go pan-India with IoTified deliveries to consumers and businesses. On the demand side the company is developing easiest ordering interfaces (phone, web, apps, kiosks at pickup points) for consumers and expanding operations using IOTified logistics and quality ensuring delivery mechanisms. 
FFS also aspires to involve farmers, land owners, business owners and delivery logistics in this revolution called “FreshFalSabzi” for India. 

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