Exclusive | Hungama's new identity infuses fresh energy: Prashant Madan

The kids channel from the Disney UTV group, Hungama TV recently refreshed it’s packaging  to give the channel a new look.  Disney Interactive's in-house team undertook this task which took  less than two months for the conceptualization, direction and execution and the redesigned  page was launched on October 1, 2013.  Research conducted by the channel indicates that children today are stressed due to academic pressures, do not have exposure to outdoor activities and hence with this endeavor the channel aims to de-stress kids and encourage them to live life to the fullest with their new tagline’ Hungama Machaya Kya?’

In an exclusive interaction with Adgully, Prashant Madan, Director - Creative Services, Media Networks, Disney UTV shared insights on the new look of the channel and also how  different this makeover  is from the previous one.

Explaining the basic need for creating a new look and feel of the channel which also gives a new identity to  Hungama TV altogether, Madan said "We looked at the traditional values of unapologetic fun, Indian, being mischievous with a kind heart and developed it into a new voice with this refresh. While the brand promise of the channel remains the same, we’ve taken a step forward and transformed it into an anthem, a new tagline and a fresh new on-air look that encourages the same values that Hungama stands for." 

The core philosophy of Hungama TV is to create an experience for kids that is centered around unbridled fun, enthusiasm and excitement. Thus the objective of the channel was to infuse a fresh look which reiterates these values.

Sharing further about the rationale behind the redesigned look, he said, "The conceptualization involved three key aspects- Tagline, Packaging and Live Action.  From our insights we have understood  that there are always  kids amongst a group of friends who initiate and dictate all the action and the other kids follow suit. Our new tagline, ‘Hungama Machaya Kya?  is our challenge to kids. We are asking them if they are living their life to the fullest. In terms of packaging, we created brand new graphics  that one will see on the channel. Our inspiration has come from the quintessential Indian fun-fair. The use of symbols like kites, bioscope, roller coaster , wind wheels and marble playing contests,  represent the color, energy and spirit of the channel that we wanted to highlight. We have also incorporated the concept of live action throughout our refresh – both through brand indents and  a music video. We believe that live action captures the energy of 'Machaya Kya' better than other forms of representation. The music video is the new Hungama anthem  which feature kids in a fun, playful and mischievous mood."

Hungama TV is the voice of those cool kids who believe in living life  to the fullest but always have their  heart in the right place. They are an inspiration to other kids around them. The channel  has integrated this tagline with the existing logo.

While briefing about the channel’s colourful, bright and Indianised look   he said, "Our source  of inspiration came from fun-fairs that we see in smaller towns, bringing 

in the colour, vibrancy, energy and spirit of fun which we believe is imbibed in the spirit of the channel. A mix of bright colours such as orange and yellow which are normally associated with fairs have been used in the channel’s packaging.”

Briefing  us about the content strategy and the channel’s plans of   creating content in India Madan  said,  "Our content has always reflected our core brand values of mad fun, noisy and boisterous, very unapologetic, being mischievous by not being a  nuisance but  with a kind heart. Hungama TV is home to local productions, movie premiers (Bollywood and animated movies)and Japanese anime. We will continue to bring in more such compelling content that will continue to represent our brand identity."

The last refresh happened 3 years ago and the channel undertook this as an exercise to infuse fresh energy and direction to the brand.

Further on enquiring  what brand value would this initiative get on the table, he said, "While reiterating on the core brand values and identity, the overall objective of the refresh is also to  give more control to the kids. Hungama TV does not intend on being only an entertainment channel  for kids but also being  a part of their personalities and vice-versa."

All other marketing initiatives of the channel are currently in the planning stage which will be an extension of this refresh. With its shows like Veer - The Robot, Luv Kush, King Vikram, and Suryaputra Karan the channel plans to get into more localised content.

"With this refresh, we also want to give the power back to the kids, who will be able to control the Hungama brand and  it's values," concluded Madan. 


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