‘Dropout’ is MTV’s biggest platform for entrepreneurs: Alok Kejriwal

MTV is all set to make young entrepreneurial dreams come true with the launch of its new reality show, ‘MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd’. The show will premiere on July 29 at 7 pm on MTV and next day onwards on Voot. 

Created by Monozygotic and co-developed by MTV and Monozygotic, ‘Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’ will take viewers through the process of identifying and transforming ‘dropouts’ into the ideal start-up team and kick-starting their entrepreneurial journey. It is the birth of a first-of-its’-kind start-up company which is formed following a massive nationwide hunt to find hidden gems; the most brilliant people outside the established management and entrepreneurial system. These mavericks will then be groomed by industry leaders through trials-by-fire, where they will have to solve real-world business problems in a short span of time. 

Expert businessmen who have excelled in their respective fields, Sandeep Aggarwal, CEO & Founder of Droom.in; Anisha Singh, CEO & Co-founder Mydala.com; Alok Kejriwal, CEO & Co-founder of Games2Win, along with the show’s hosts and creators Raghu Ram & Rajiv Laxman, Co-founders, Monozygotic, will be part of the panels identifying and transforming ‘dropouts’ into the dream start-up team to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey. 

Droom, an online automobile transactional marketplace, has come aboard as the title sponsor for ‘MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd’. The show is Powered By Micromax and Maruti Suzuki, while Gillette is the Grooming Partner. 

Commenting on the first season of ‘Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’, Ferzad Palia, Head, Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Viacom18, said, “India is brimming with young untapped energy keen on making ideas come to life and we at MTV, believe that as the largest platform for everything related to the youth, it is our responsibility to recognise, channelise and mobilise this energy by providing the youth with the right tools to make ideas happen. MTV aims at empowering these youngsters by providing them the biggest encouragement in the form of ‘Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’ to kickstart their entrepreneurial dreams. We at MTV realise that the youth today with their ‘go-getter’ attitude is willing to dream big to achieve their goals. We just want to give them the wings to fly.” 

Raghu Ram, Co-founder of Monozygotic, added here, “Rajiv and I saw a lot of potential in the idea of the show and we sat down with the MTV team to discuss and finalise the concept. The two of us together have conceptualised the show and will be producing and hosting the show as well. This is India’s first of its kind start-up reality show aimed at the youth and we hope to boost the confidence of a lot of youngsters out there as we already have a long-standing connection with the youth of India.” 

“When we were starting out, Raghu and I have had to go through a lot and hence, understand the struggle and we both understand the youth very well due to the work we have done with them throughout our careers. It takes a lot to give up on everything and start something of your own and we are here to make this a lot easier for the youth out there,” said Rajiv Laxman, Co-founder of Monozygotic. 

Calling ‘Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’ a brilliant concept, Sandeep Aggarwal, CEO & Founder of Droom.in, is confident that the show will be an amazing platform for young minds who have a knack to start something of their own to be pitted against the biggest real-world business challenges, who must survive to form India’s dream start-up team. “Entrepreneurship is nothing without risk-taking and ‘Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’ will be a great kickstarter for all the risk-takers out there!” he said. 

Commenting on the unique concept of the show, Anisha Singh, CEO & Founder of Mydala, shared, “It feels exhilarating to be a part of the jury for Dropout Pvt. Ltd, especially after interacting with the kind of people that have walked in through the doors during the audition rounds. Each one had a phenomenal story or idea. It’s great that the Indian youth finally has a large platform to experiment with their ideas and launch their start-up dreams. We are looking for contestants who have the ‘self-starter’ attitude.” 

“It’s a different high being one’s own boss, and a show ‘like Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’ will help young minds kick-start their journey towards realising their dreams. Entrepreneurship is not only about being the best at what you do, it’s also about surrounding yourself with people who are smarter and can do a better job. MTV has given the biggest platform to young entrepreneurs to shed all their pretexts and learn how to build a company, not to sell but to keep,” said Alok Kejriwal, CEO & Co-founder of Games2Win

Alok Kejriwal,CEO & Co-founder of Games2Win
Alok Kejriwal,CEO & Co-founder of Games2Win
Speaking further, Kejriwal said, “It’s a completely unique reality show which will turn into real. It’s neither an idea-based reality show nor a show that will only promote start-ups. It’s literally about finding people and understanding what they think about business, mainly start-ups. Basically, we will filter them on the criteria of whether they are thinking for start-up business or some impractical stuff. The most unique part of the show is that the team or the business which will be chosen by the end will actually become a start-up.” 

Explaining the use of ‘Dropout’ in the show’s title, he said, “Dropouts are ones who have totally reset their life or someone who is ready to do things not by convention but in their own way by breaking stereotypes. They are the ones who are not afraid of failure, celebrate trying and not just winning.” 

Elaborating the idea behind ‘We need you not your ideas’, Kejriwal said, “We need entrepreneurs or persons who have the ability and want to establish their own start-ups, because ideas are always transient but people are permanent. And that is where the emotion and strength of a start-up comes from.” 

He further said, “Everybody cannot be the part of the show from day one, so the show will be available digitally for entrepreneurs to view later. For people who are starting out on their own, the internet plays a very big role in accumulating information. ‘Dropout Pvt. Ltd.’ will not have an episodic stream that comes and goes, but will be packed with knowledge that will be left forever.” 

And what happens after the show is over and a start-up has been formed? To this Kejriwal replied that the new company will be funded by bunch of entrepreneurs. “There are so many co-founders of the company from different parts of the equity who will give their valuable contributions,” he added.


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