Creative Think Media partners with Behind the Moon!

Creative Think Media has strategically signed up an arrangement with the Brand Consulting boutique firm BehindTheMoon Consultants to forge an alliance that will allow select Clients of Creative Think Media the benefit of getting Brand advisory from the highly focused consultancy.

BehindTheMoon has been in the business of offering strategic consulting on matters of Brand development among others to a host of national and multi-national clients for over last eleven years. BehindTheMoon works on the premise that "Brand Truth' prevails and is supreme and that this "truth' emerges from the Brand Vision and its Value System. The firm has developed a super effective filter where every initiative of the Brand including all communication strategies are processed through it thereby ensuring that every action leads to a buildup of an image that is closer to its "truth'. This filter has been used to develop and create Brand Selling Propositions that work wonders in creating communication messages and platforms for Brands. Creative Think Media wants to leverage this expertise to the benefit for its select Clients so that higher efficiencies are achieved in advertising and the Clients not only get more for their advertising buck but also build formidable Brands. Commenting on this strategic alliance, Ms Zaara Khader, Chief Associate of BehindTheMoon said ' "Advertisers in the SME Sector need our kind of consulting services the most since they work on stringent budgets but hesitate on coming to independent consultants such as us as they feel this will tax their already tight budgets or even due to paucity of information. CTM was bold and dynamic to get us on board for a host of their Clients and we respect that ingenuity immensely".

CTM has been working actively to add value to their Clients and have been rewarded with new signings regularly. This arrangement will allow them to carve a new niche for themselves and not only will their existing Clients benefit ' it will most certainly help them in gaining more businesses in retail, real estate and even corporate sectors.


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