COLORS fictionalizes real life stories with Dev

He is Dev BurmanRecluse. Curious. And, a deductive genius. His inquisitive mind pries itself into unsolved mysteries, analysing situations and almost instantaneously decoding even the most vexing puzzles. Committed to offering distinctive content with widespread appeal, COLORS strengthens its weekend offerings with Dev: Most-wanted Detective or Most-wanted Criminal. Showcasing stories inspired from true life events, this fictionalized investigative thriller plunges viewers into the world of Dev Burman - a mystery solver who is an enigma in himself.  The 26 episodes, multi-layered series with its intricate, nail biting plots will make you feel the emotions and anxiety that shroud Dev. While Ashish Chowdhry steps into the titular role, the show will also feature actors Sumona Chakravarti, Puja Banerjee and Amit Dolawat as pivotal characters. Produced by Peninsula Productions, Dev’s anthology of adventures will premiere on 5th August 2017 and air every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 PM on COLORS.

Speaking about this new offering, Manisha Sharma, Programming Head – COLORS said, “We have grown up on concepts like Karamchand which have pushed us to be cognizant of the many happenings around us. Dev: Most-wanted Detective or Most-wanted Criminal will intrigue viewers with a unique brand of mysteries that are adaptations of real-life stories, fictionalizing it to force viewers to think about our surroundings. Dev’s character is very exciting; he uses his keen eye for detail to evaluate the most mind-boggling cases despite the various judgements which have been passed against him because of his past. Ashish Chowdhry has done a fabulous job of adopting Dev’s quirks and deductive personality in a way which will grip viewers’ sensibilities and keep them entertained.”

Dev: Most-wanted Detective or Most-wanted Criminal places detective Dev Burman in the middle of emotional upheavals and covert circumstances. Fighting inner-demons borne out of his wife Mahek’s (Puja Banerjee) untimely demise, Dev is living as a recluse with a cat Madhubala whom his wife had rescued from under his car. He works closely with Inspector Narvekar (Amit Dolawat) who is convinced that Dev is the mastermind behind his wife’s death. As he struggles to return to normalcy, Dev fosters a strong bond with his landlady Zohra Aapa (Joyshree Arora) as she cares for him, almost like a mother. But, it is his encounter with fiery Meera Banerjee (Sumona Chakravarti) which forces him to look at life anew, exploring many untapped emotions; their push and pull antagonism making for appealing entertainment avenues.

Producer Nissar Parvez and Alind Srivastava from Peninsula Productions said, “With Dev, we want the audience to put on their thinking hats and live through the emotional and psychological turmoil that can capture a person’s mind. The many factors that make him distinct also play a huge role in strengthening the bonds he shares with his surroundings. We are very excited to collaborate with COLORS for the show; our combined creative strength has led us to create a fast-paced narrative and action packed sequences which will entertain viewers for every single minute of the series’ 26 episodes.”

Essaying the title role of Dev, actor Ashish Chowdhry aka Dev Burman said, “Dev is, by far, the most exceptional character that I have come across. He’s sharp, quick witted and blatant, rude yet emotional, outspoken yet mysterious; bringing a very unique perspective to his personality and every challenge he faces. But he’s also your typical man in some ways. He has loved and lost, and lives in the shadow of his past. It’s the varied layers to his personality which attracted me to the show. The show has been shot like a film and is my most exciting project till date. The fact that it’s airing on COLORS makes it more exciting for me, because COLORS and its creative team is an absolute delight. I hope that the audience and my loved ones continue to support me through this extraordinary journey.”

Along with Ashish Chowdhry, Dev: Most-wanted Detective or Most-wanted Criminal will feature an ensemble cast including actors Puja Banerjee as Mahek Bhasin Burman, Sumona Chakravarti as Meera Banerjee, Amit Dolawat as Inspector Amod Narvekar, and Joyshree Arora as Zohra Appa amongst many others.

To promote Dev, COLORS has devised a 360-degree integrated marketing campaign involving ATL and BTL activities involving mediums such as print, television, cinema, radio, OOH, etc. An elaborate digital plan has also been designed which increases direct audience engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst others.

Is Dev a curious-minded detective or a crafty criminal? Find out for yourself!

Dev: Most-wanted Detective or Most-wanted Criminal premieres on 5th July 2017,

every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 PM on COLORS


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