Brands take the emotional route to celebrate moms on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day this year saw brands of all hues – ranging from airlines to consumer durables to e-tailers to cab aggregators – come out to celebrate the most important woman in our lives. The activities ranged from special packages and products to pamper moms to releasing videos high on emotion, celebrating mother’s unconditional love.

Vistara – Bringing moms home on time

Vistara film:

Airline brand Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines (SIA), released a digital film on the occasion of Mother’s Day, where the airline wanted to applaud every multi-tasking mom out there and profess its support in walking the journey with them to doing what they do best – be the best moms in the world.

“In a world of multi-tasking moms who are holding stressful jobs and balancing them with trying to do the best for their kids, the best gift you can give that mom is the gift of more time with her kids,” said Nitin Suri, Co-Founder at The Mob.

“I have booked 80 per cent of my flights keeping in mind that I want to wind up work and come back in time for the kids’ bedtime, or their sports day. I remember the time I woke up at 4 am to catch the first flight to Delhi from Mumbai so I could catch my son’s first Sports Day. I remember circling for more than an hour over Delhi, knowing that my son’s sports day had begun and I had missed it. It was the most helpless feeling,” recalled Chraneeta Mann, Co-Founder at The Mob.

Vistara’s ad film shows a series of situations where the world comes to a stop for kids and teens when their moms are not there. The last shot of the three-year old child, way past his bedtime, tottering down the steps to make a makeshift bed on the landing so that he can watch the door and see his mom come home is just so evocative of that need... Vistara by bringing moms home on time, does its best to ensure that wait is cut short.

Uber and Routofy – Giving moms a surprise ride

Watch the video:

This Mother’s Day, Uber partnered with Routofy to give lucky riders a chance to give their moms the best surprise. An on-demand was run on the Uber app, wherein 10 winners received an all-expenses paid trip to visit their moms on this special occasion. A camera crew accompanied select winners on the trip to capture their excitement and the moms’ emotional reactions to the surprise.

Sanil Bhatia, General Manager, Uber Pune, said, “This on-demand in partnership with Routofy was a special one for us. We’re glad we made this Mother’s Day truly a moment to remember for both, our rider and their moms.”

Ronak Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Routofy, added here, “Routofy aims to reduce the distance between people and bring them closer by making travel really easy and hassle-free. There is no better occasion than Mother’s day to give voice to this mission; playing a role in reuniting families on Mother’s Day was a proud moment. This physical and emotional connect is what we wished to capture.”

Pillsbury - Creating Happy Moms

Pillsbury ad:

We share a special relationship with our mothers. There are, however, other relationships that we cherish and which play an important role in building our character and making us who we are. These are women who are very close to us. They know everything about our life and we don’t mind opening up to them.

In its latest campaign, Pillsbury uses this real-life insight to celebrate all the people who are just like our moms, with whom we can be ourselves.

The campaign, conceptualised and executed by Leo Burnett, brings alive the true essence of making moms happy, a journey which the brand started in 1862.

Commenting on the marketing strategy, Salil Murthy, Marketing Director, General Mills India, said, “Pillsbury has been helping mothers around the world delight their families with snacks and meals they love. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to moms and the special bond they have with their children. As we talked to our consumers, we realised that we need to think of this relationship in a much more expansive way. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the special bond that people have with their moms and all the people they hold just as close to them, who are just like their moms.”

RajDeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, added here, “As a brand, Pillsbury believes in creating a strong bond between mothers and children. This Mother’s Day, our idea was to look deeper and sweeten this bond further. We recognised that there are some special people in our life who we open up to share moments of joys and sadness. They never give up on us, instead they help us grow and become the people we are. They are like our moms and they come to our life as aunts, sisters, grandmothers, etc. With #AlsoMyMom, we are encouraging consumers to embrace all mothers in our life and wish them Happy Mother’s Day.”

Mother’s Recipe’s – Spreading love amongst underprivileged kids

Mother’s Recipe hosted a special initiative – #Motherforall, an activity that invited mothers from Mumbai to join them and to celebrate and share their love with children who don’t have a mother. The brand partnered with 15 orphanages across five cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune – that brought together close to 400 mothers spending Mother’s Day with 500 kids.

#MotherForAll is a novel initiative by Mother’s Recipe undertaken every year to mark this special day. The intent is to invite mothers to spend a day full of fun and joy with the kids in orphanages. The activity that was initiated last year with two orphanages in Mumbai was scaled up this year to five major cities.

Sanjana Desai, Head - Business Development, Desai Brothers, remarked, “Our #MotherForAll initiative finds resonance and synergies with our brand ethos and keeping this in mind we instituted this campaign last year in Mumbai on Mother’s Day with an aim to give a taste of mother’s love to the children who don’t have one. We are delighted with the response and more importantly overjoyed to have been able to add a memorable day and smile to their lives.”

Housejoy – Celebrating single mothers of India

Watch the video:

It’s not easy being a single mother in India. Keeping in mind the tremendous challenges and responsibilities of single mothers, Housejoy featured single moms from all over the country and shared their stories to the world this Mother’s day. They spoke to some amazing single mothers from social groups like Single Moms of Bangalore and learnt many tricks on how they managed their lives and how with Housejoy they did not have to do everything by themselves anymore – be it laundry, home cleaning, plumbing & electrical needs, appliance repair, fitness & wellness or the indulgent beauty service at home.

Saran Chatterjee, CEO, Housejoy, said, “Our aim is to make home services quick and easy and in turn, to make life simpler and hassle free for all. Housejoy pays a tribute to the resilience of every single mother. They are the true inspiration to Housejoy as they are the greatest multitaskers. They have this great ability to balance their chores, careers and children perfectly. Housejoy looks upto these single mothers and strives to lend an arm by maintaining their house in the most convenient way.” – Highlighting the mother-child bond film:

On the eve of Mother’s Day, online jewellery retailer released a video that paid tribute to mothers. The touching video captured one of the beautiful moments in life where mothers heard about their children’s relationships with colleagues or others and were inquisitive about the whole matter.

Through this video, shed light on how beautiful a mother-child bond truly is. The video starts with a mother-son duo discussing about the new girl in his life. Just like any mother, she’s seen asking questions about the girl and promptly asks if he’s proposed to her yet. She tries to reason with him stating that she’s seen a BlueStone jewellery box in one of his drawers. To her utter surprise, the son returns and places the box in front of her and wishes her ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

The video beautifully implied that even though mothers know everything about our lives, they seldom realise how special their presence is.

The film was conceived by creative agency Doodle Monkey. It was directed by Akhil Khandeparkar (Creative Director & Director of film) and Ashwin Bhaskaran (Director of photography)

Myntra – Celebrating a mother’s unconditional love

Myntra film:

On the eve of Mother’s Day, Myntra released a visual ode to mothers to celebrate their love, life and commitment. This heart-warming video captures the beautiful moments we cherish with our mothers. It shows how mothers have always been the first ones to teach us how to look good – she has always been there helping us, so that we look our best!

The video takes us through some of the key life moments that all of us have gone through with our mothers, from our early days of childhood of changing clothes four times a day to school uniforms and clean white socks to dressing up every day – mothers ensured we looked good all the time. As we grew, our dependence on her appeared to wane, but at the bottom of our hearts we all know that we are incomplete without her unconditional love, care and blessing. The video concludes by thanking her and celebrating the special bond we share, not just on ‘Mother’s Day’ but every day!

Gunjan Soni, CMO & Head of International Brands, Myntra, said, “At Myntra, we love to celebrate and pay tribute to people we respect, love and admire. This video is a tribute to mothers and their selfless love for the child. They are the first fashion experts for each one of us - making us Look Good. ”

This film was conceived by creative agency Brandmovers India. It was directed by Suvajyoti Ghosh and produced by Rishabh Shrivastava and Saurabh Sharma and produced by production house Gotham Entertainment.

Snapdeal launches initiative for pregnant women employees

Snapdeal announced the launch of the Advitya Women on Maternity Program on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The initiative, in partnership with United Health Care, provides online and phone based guidance on all aspects of parenthood to pregnant women employees. Snapdeal launched its dedicated diversity initiative – Advitya – last year, through which it is building a culture of appreciation and acceptance of diversity in gender and physical abilities. As part of the same philosophy, the ‘Advitya Women on Maternity Program’ is an attempt to ensure that expectant mothers are able to manage the transition into parenthood smoothly.

Speaking about the initiative, Saurabh Nigam, VP – HR, said, “We believe in building an inclusive workplace that empowers our employees to be their best in all ways. We are proud to have launched The Advitya Women on Maternity Program – an initiative that recognises motherhood as an important phase in our employees’ lives, and provides them with much needed support at this critical juncture, both professionally and personally.”

Under Advitya, Snapdeal has further adopted a two-pronged approach to ensure a smoother transition of mothers re-joining the workforce. It includes a three-month ‘women-returneeship program’, wherein women who have been on a long career break are trained on newer developments in their area of work and can ask for support to adjust to the change in lifestyle. Training sessions focusing on gender sensitization are also organized to help managers and co-workers build an easier reintegration experience for new mothers.

Kalpataru – Highlighting a mother’s place in her home

Watch the video:

Kalpataru rolled out its ‘Home is where Mom is’ campaign to celebrate Mothers’ Day. The campaign kept in mind the strength, passion and care of a mother who tirelessly glues the family together with her unconditional love.

The campaign created a connect with children and husbands via enticing online listicles, which gave one an opportunity to celebrate the woman of their house by filling a simple form on Mothers were then sent a personalised name plate in her name as a gift to her from her child. More often than not the name at the door represents the father and this campaign sought to challenge this practice by designing name plates with the mother’s name on it. The campaign ran from May 6 to 8.

To further promote the campaign, Kalpataru also developed a video showcasing the central role that a mother plays through the course of our lives and how she contributes to making the home our home. The video was hosted on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, on the Google Display Network and Video Ad Networks.


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