An exhilarating campaign for Volkswagen's Polo and Vento by DDB India

Volkswagen India has recently launched its once-in-a- lifetime offer on the Volkswagen Polo and Vento. DDB India has created the communication.

The objective was to create consumer intrigue and excitement around the offer, even while keeping the brand values intact. The campaign is based on the insight that Parsis in India are known for their attention to detail and the deep passion they have for their automobiles.

The creative idea reads - 'An offer so special, you'll come back for it. Even if you have to travel over lifetimes!'

Rajeev Raja, Creative Head on Volkswagen, adds: "Set in India of the 1970's, it's the story of a Parsi gentleman and his son. The Parsi gentleman, typically, is obsessed with his long owned Volkswagen Polo. He wipes away even the slightest blemish on his beloved car with a characteristic 'tsk, tsk'. Time passes on and so does the Parsi gentleman. His son now married with a baby, buys a new Polo, and as they drive out there's a pleasant surprise in store for them. "

Lutz Kothe, Head of Marketing and PR, Volkswagen, says, "The new Volkswagen Polo and Vento campaign creates curiosity with the target to get prospective customers directly to the showroom. This also makes it different to other campaigns."


Bishwajeet Samal - Head of Marketing Communication

Rajeev Raja ' Creative Head on Volkswagen

Giridhar Bhat - Group Director ' Brand Communications

Sreejith Kodoth - Creative Director

Michael Remedios ' Films Head

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