Ad land’s Young Guns: Karishma Sirwani, Sooperfly

With her masters in digital marketing, Karishma Sirwani, Senior Brand Associate, Sooperfly (part of The 120 Media Collective), has worked across diverse sectors like IT, Hospitality and FMCG. 

Known to be a travel enthusiast and a dancer, Sirwani lends her exuberant personality to the projects she takes on. Her clients count on her for the innovative solutions and her knack for forging strategic relationships on the table. 

What does it takes to climb up the ladder in marketing? Here’s Karishma Sirwani in her own words... 

How did you get into the role you are serving?
The nature of my degree course in MSc. Digital Marketing has helped me learn the values of focus and perseverance. After being in marketing for some time and working across diverse sectors like IT, hospitality and FMCG, I landed in servicing finally, realising its precedence.  

I became a part of Sooperfly, a part of The 120 Media Collective in March 2018 as a Senior Brand Associate, wherein I got a chance to work with some of the most talented and finest people in the industry.  

What particular skill sets do you think you bring to the table?
From what I have observed about myself and have been told by people that I have been working with, my skills lie in forging strategic relationships.  

I feel it’s incredibly important to foster relationships to ensure growth and strike a balance between client’s expectations, brand’s needs and customer’s preferences.  

One campaign that you have worked on that you are particularly proud of? Please take us through the making of the campaign.
A recent one which I worked on was the modern marketing of the New Johnson’s Baby. The brand has transformed itself with being one of the most gentle baby care brands in the world. The next step was to reach out to the millennial mums and the mums-to-be. Right from its launch event that involved getting influencers from across the country to the celebrity buzz, the event saw stars of success by engaging over 1 million parents across social media platforms. The post-event amplification included educating caretakers with the right knowledge about the products by participating in engaging contests that went reached more than 3 million people. This campaign was highly appreciated across the global baby community of Johnson & Johnson. 

While working on the creatives how do you prepare yourself? What goes on in your mind?
Creativity is the key to success. I always feel great ideas with admissible content can work wonders. However, the consumers’ POV is something that can help sail the boat further. So for me, I always step into the consumers’ shoes while working on the creative aspect. Owing to what they expect out of the brand, I think of ideas that are disruptive enough to stand out and succeed.  

Icons in advertising you look up to and how they have influenced you and your work?
Honestly quite a few; it would be really difficult to name one. For me, it’s just not the people from advertising who inspire me, but I’m awed from many more across the industry. I personally love the work of Swati Bhattacharya and Josy Paul. I always draw inspiration from the work that latches to the pulse and heart of the masses.  

What are the five most productive things that you do in your everyday routine?
Though I’m not a morning person, I start my day early usually rushing for work and reading through the headlines of the day. Although I am an extrovert, I ensure I keep aside some time for myself and my family.  

Do you think a career in advertising is a viable one in the long term?
Totally! It’s something that’s growing tremendously with the never-ending urge and need for it. However, at times, a career in advertising can be really very demanding and maintaining a work-life balance is a must.  

What does it take to succeed in a career like advertising?
Commitment, maturity and the spark to deliver beyond the needs would certainly help in succeeding.  

What would be your advice to youngsters planning to enter this industry?
Take one step at a time and have the courage to take risks – that is what I feel is imperative in this industry. Also, one should never compromise on the quality of work and the urge to strive for more.  

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Hoping to be as excited as I’m today and continue to do such amazing work with a stronger spirit.  

Is there any agency/ organisation that you would like to work with in the future?
Honestly, I’m quite happy with the kind of work that I’m doing now. So, I haven’t thought about it. But in general, I would love to work in a space where can I elevate my positives and learn more. I would definitely look for some detailed work in the servicing sector in general.


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