Women's Day: TV heroines share their role models

Tinaa Dattaa  
"My role model is Mother Teresa, who lived a selfless life and did a lot for the nation by helping the poor and needy. I would like to tell the today's young women that life is precious and they should put their foot down and take a stand whenever and wherever needed. One should adjust and balance our career and life but not at the cost of self respect."
Ira Sone  
"I love Beyoncé and Melinda Gates and closer home, I am inspired by Mary Kom. What she achieved for the country being a mother of 3, I think that’s inspiring. I am sure a lot of people will agree with me that she’s a living example of noting is impossible and unbelievable, if you believe in something and work hard towards achieving it with your heart mind and soul. To the youth, I just want to say follow your dreams with honesty and integrity and have the courage to achieve your goals through and be proud of who you are."
Moon Banerrjee  
"There have been many but my father's sister (my bua) has been my pillar of strength whom I lost a year back. She had a deep impact on me. She used to tell me to complete my studies irrespective of whatever you choose as a career and have wisdom, courage and compassion . No matter what, don't ever be harsh on yourself. Love yourself and the world will respond lovingly."
Kishori Shahane Vij 
"My biggest role model in my life is my mom. She bought up all three daughters together and I have seen her struggling. She must be the best housewife, the way she struggled everyday, getting all three of us ready for the school, packing tiffins for us and doing everything herself. Again, in the evening, when we used to come back from school, she was there for us. She would teach us and be there for our dad. She is one of the best ladies I must have ever seen,  sacrificing so much in life,  taking care of the whole family. Even in the ups and downs of my dad's career, she was always there for him, to give moral support.  That's why I believe that my mom is the greatest role model for me. The advice which I would love to give to give to today's young women is to have a lovely career ahead of you. But it's important to prioritise too. Career is not the only thing you should live for,  it's important to have a good family,  children and a good career. "
Mahhima Kottary 
"My role model has been my mother. She is wise, patient,  extremely optimistic and the strongest person I know. She has taught me how to overcome challenges in life and make wise choices, even in the most uncertain situations. I would like to tell all the women out there that don’t rely on somebody else for your happiness and self-worth, love yourself, follow your instincts and remember, you are beautiful and you are enough!"
Ridheema Tiwari  
"Rosario Dawson has been one of my female role models/inspiration. I love Rosario Dawson, as she’s determined and unique. And like me, she also speaks her mind. Most of all, I love that she worked hard for everything she has today. Raised in New York, her mother moved her family, including Dawson’s half brother and step father, into an abandoned building in Manhattan. They squatted on the property and overtime installed their own plumbing and electrical wiring. Eventually, she was discovered at the age of 15 on her front porch by a screenwriter who had the perfect role for her in his upcoming film, Kids. Dawson was a natural, and has since starred in over fifty films. Dawson, who is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent,  is involved in numerous charities and advocacy groups, including the Lower East Side Girls Club, Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and serves on the board of V-day, a global movement to end violence against girls and women. She is also an advocate for equal pay for women and people of color – even going as far to challenge Hollywood pay rates. I appreciate her candor and passion for human rights, women of colour, and female inequality. I also love the fact that like me, she too believed that imperfection is beautiful and all women are beautiful in their own unique ways. I would advice the same to all the beautiful unique women out there accept yourself and love your unique self... Don't fall prey to comparisons and don't lose your identity.  Acknowledge your strengths more than weaknesses."
Adaa Khan
"My role model is my mother Parvin Khan. She has given me an excellent upbringing and values. She is not in this world anymore but her blessings are with me all the time. It is because of my mother that I became very independent as a person and I can fight all my battles.  As far as advice is concerned to young women, it is to love and respect yourself first and never compromise on your values and emotions."
Smiriti Kalra 
"Our scriptures say, Mother, Father and Guru are the 3 most important people in one's life. So born from my mother, Kiran Kalra and guided by my father and guru, Sudhir Kalra, I never had to look beyond for a role model. More than having a professional role model, being an amazing human being like them is what I aspire to be. We have been told as little girls that we are delicate, fragile princesses. I say, be a ‘warrior princess’. Think, plan and fight your own battles and it is okay to be afraid. Courage is not absence of fear but overcoming it. A warrior princess commands respect and makes her choices, so decide what you want. Career does not have a gender. And now since you have decided to be a warrior princess, you don’t need validation. So, don’t go around looking for one. You are the warrior princess of your world, rule it."
Jasmin Bhasin  
"I admire Jhansi ki rani, she was a true warrior. She has been an inspiration to not only me but all the women in India. She stood for her rights and lived fearlessly. My advice to young women is to follow your heart and dreams,  be independent financially and emotionally and live life with a positive attitude."

Shilpa Saklani 

“I truly hope and wish that women be treated with dignity all the time. For us, empowerment comes from within. We must promise ourselves that we will stand up for what's right and not blindly follow the herd. We need to be our own voice of reason. We all need to be #Strong&Invincible.  

Sonali Naik

“Women should be proud of who they’re. I play the character of Savitri Mai in Gathbandhan and she’s a strong headed woman who runs the family business, she plays the role of both a mother and a father to her son and also holds her family together. Well, as a strong, dedicated mother, an actor, a daughter, a wife, I know that we women play multiple roles in our lives and that’s not easy. We’re #Strong&Invincible and will not allow anyone to take us for granted.”

Juhi Parmar

"I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and there are so many roles I play.  Women's day is one day to celebrate women but being a woman is not easy! Through my own experiences and as I bring up a daughter, I feel we need to instill the importance of education and independence in our future generations.  We need to teach them walk but truly let them aim to fly so that our country can truly compete in the global economy. Where will India be, once all the women in our country step into the work force! #Strong&Invincible.”

Rubina Dilaik

“Respecting all women and not trying to pull them down is the need of the hour. If we all decide to stand up and fight injustice, then this will be an equal world quashing all gender-based stereotypes. Every woman is #Strong&Invincible and she has the power to overcome life’s toughest situations with a smile.”

Anushka Sen

“I’m feeling truly empowered in playing the role of Manikarnika and I’m thankful to have been given an opportunity to play this strong, powerful woman. For centuries, women have been objectified but now we have the power to use our voice and to fight age old stereotypes. This Women’s Day, I hope that all set gender stereotypes are shattered, and gender equality prevails. Women are #Strong&Invincible and they need to get their due credit.”

Anuja Sathe

“Having played the role of Janki in COLORS’ Khoob Ladi Mardaani Jhansi Ki Rani, I’ve realized the power of a woman’s voice and determination. I strongly feel that no woman, anywhere, should let go of her dreams in order to please society. We’re a gender that is strong and have multiple roles to play. We’re emotional yet sturdy, we balance professional and personal lives with absolute dedication. Women need to support each other in order to grow.”


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