Wavemaker creates first-of-its-kind media launch for ITC Savlon’s Braille on World Sight Day

Savlon, ITC’s leading health and hygiene brand, on World Sight Day has introduced Braille enabled packs of Savlon Antiseptic liquid. In line with ITC’s commitment towards an equitable and inclusive society, the first of its kind braille enables packs have been designed not just to enable access but also in its simple way help the visually impaired to identify and access the product easily. This proactive initiative exemplifies the brand’s commitment to an empowering consumer experience.

Wavemaker strategized and implemented a first-of-its-kind multi-media campaign to enable outreach and communication of this first ever initiative. The genesis of this is a simple life insight, conceptualized by Ogilvy India – Everybody gets hurt. And individuals who are visually impaired are no different. But access to an antiseptic liquid is perhaps not that easy and they would have to wait for somebody to help tend to the wound. This forms the core of the new Savlon film and is the genesis of this initiative - “Agar chot aasani sey lage, toh madat bhi aasani se milni chahiye”. The TVC narrative brings alive this simple insight through some everyday situations and is designed to provoke thought and encourage inclusiveness.

The campaign needed to reach out to both the visually impaired to tell them about this initiative, as well as drive awareness for it among the larger populace. And to establish emphatically the news of Savlon Braille Enabled packs, Wavemaker partnered with key news channels & publications to ‘deliver News through Braille’,

In this first-of-its-kind multi-media campaign:                                           

  • For the first time, headlines of the day of leading news channels were shared by a visually impaired news anchor using Braille copy.
  • The widely read Outlook magazine re-created its cover in Braille. For the first time ever the masthead of the magazine was converted into Braille along with the printed cover story.
  • For the first time ever, the visually impaired got up in the morning and read a Braille newspaper. A special broadsheet in Braille were inserted in newspapers like Vijaywani (selected editions). To facilitate the same, they reached out to a teacher of visually impaired school (who is visually impaired) to translate all the news into Braille.
  • Dainik Savera – another leading newspaper in Punjab also printed a broadsheet in Braille and carried out on-ground interaction with the visually impaired through it.
  • White Print, the newspaper for visually impaired featured Savlon’s advertisement in Braille and wrote about Savlon’s new packaging. Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, “In line with ITC’s commitment to serve a larger societal purpose and to create enduring value for all stakeholders, Savlon celebrates World Sight Day with this unique first of its kind braille enabled packaging in the FMCG space. The initiative is a determined step forward to create a more equal and inclusive society by enabling access. “

Speaking on the campaign, Kartik Sharma, CEO, Wavemaker - South Asia, said, “It is rare to see brands changing their packaging to support such a noble cause and creating opportunities by enabling access to the empower visually impaired individuals. I am extremely moved to be a part of such pioneering initiatives. We have tried our best to bring alive this noble cause through various media innovations, consumer programs which will make the entire consumer journey experience much more real.” In addition to these media campaigns, Wavemaker also decided to offer a unique consumer experience for Savlon by creating consumer contact programs. Through this program, the teams will reach out to visually impaired children in multiple schools and explain them how Savlon packaging has changed and how to use the product.


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