Videocon recognizes 'Zero' as the new 'Hero' in it's new Ad campaign

Videocon Mobile Phones launched its new advertising campaign promoting the first-time ever innovative concept of ZERO Paisa Per Second. The revolutionary offer introduced in partnership with Videocon Mobile Services, the next generation GSM mobile service operator, has effectively brought an end to the pay per second regime. The customer can now just pay for the handset and enjoy free calling minutes for up to a year. The game changing proposition for consumers has been depicted through teaser campaigns on the death of one paisa tariff plans, followed by the birth of ZERO character representing the introduction of ZERO Paisa Per Second. The campaign is ideated by ad agency MWG TAG Ideation under the aegis of ad guru Prasoon Joshi.

Anshul Punhani, Head ' Marketing, Videocon Mobile Phones said, "Over decades, the mobility category has worked towards bringing simplicity & transparency in tariff plans. From the era of per minute billing at astronomical price to today's times where the consumer is expected to pay 1 paisa per second, the mobile category has attempted to lower the complexity & cost of consumption. Despite these changes, Videocon's research indicated that a large mass of pre-paid subscribers continue to feel stifled, constrained & discomforted with both the cost as well as the process of repeated recharging."

"The Zero Paisa Per Second from Videocon has dealt a terminating blow to petty tariff clashes in the Mobile Services sector. We believe that the offer will be a game changer, setting the stage for ZERO paisa per second within the industry. Through this innovative concept, consumers can not only have access to one of the latest mobile handsets from the Videocon stable but also enjoy world-class telecom service experience with free talk time every day."

The campaign, which is divided into two parts, starts with the funeral ceremony organized for 1p/sec, which is considered to be the last mile in the history of pro-consumer tariff innovations. By almost creating an illusion of human form, a series of 3-teaser commercials showcase a funeral procession of 1p/sec where all its friends & family are somberly remembering him, while proceeding toward the burial location in a cemetery. At the end of each of these commercials, the Videocon brand also anonymously offers its condolences to 1p/sec.

These teaser commercials are then followed by a grand launch commercial which opens at the same cemetery where magically, Chouw - Mouw, the Videocon mother brand mascots, observe the sad moment from a distance. Being kind hearted as they are, they discreetly introduce a unique human-like character called "ZERO' to the grieving friends & family of 1p/sec. As "Zero' enters their lives, it transforms itself into a lively character that mesmerizes everyone around and suddenly each one of them gets absorbed in the sudden gust of festivities & cheer ' leaving behind their sadness. In the end, the "Zero' character introduces the latest in mobile telephony innovation - "Zero paise per second', through the unique service bundling product solution.

"The entire tonality & mood of the commercial vividly captures a sense of liberation that enables people to live a fuller, unshackled & abundant life ' thanks to the unique idea from Videocon that frees the consumer from the restrictions of all other tariff plans. The campaign idea emerged from this very unique proposition wherein the whole idea of a tariff plan became absolutely irrelevant & inconsequential for the consumer. And hence, the agency conceived the concept of "Death of tariff plans' as the central thought for positioning this revolutionary idea. With a radical campaign thought like this, our creative team took the idea forward by making the thought come alive, said Himanshu Saxena, Vice-President and General Manager, MWG TAG Ideation.

Sunil Tandon, Chief Marketing Officer, Videocon Mobile Services said, "I congratulate Videocon Mobile Phones on coming out with this innovative offering of 0 paisa/sec which has changed the entire scenario in the Telecom Industry. Their characterization of this new concept as a cute, lovable character called "zero" is equally innovative. The ad campaign conceived to further this concept is very powerful and successfully puts across the entire idea extremely effectively to the audience. The visualization of Chouw Mouw, the mother brand Videocon's chief protagonists as the source of another revolution is very apt and gels well with the Videocon Group's overall philosophy of being at the source of innovative ideas and making them accessible to the Indian mass. I am sure the audience would love this campaign."

The campaign will spread across all mediums including Television, Print and Outdoor. The TVC has been aired on television channels including the leading General Entertainment Channels and channels across all Genres. The company will be spending close to Rs. 50 crore in advertising.


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