Utkarsh India Durga Pujo Campaign grabs eyeballs on social media

Utkarsh India being a B2B Brand found it difficult to connect to the millennial or masses in geneal. Utkarsh wanted to reach out to the youth to showcase their appeal and to come across as a brand which even though caters to B2B market yet has a young leader with a thought process of a new millennial’s. The goal was to cater to the youth in a way which will not only help create brand awareness but also make the brand more youth oriented.

Spanning across five days of Durga Pujo, Utkarsh India made the most of their digital mileage to let youths get involved in the festivities by creating some really interactive social media strategies across their various digital platforms. They focused on the on-going trends, youth frenzy viral ideas as well as interactive content.

Utkarsh India released a video which showed us the significance Utkarsh products get into the society. The video has a youth who’s not very fond of his village due to its backward ambiance and facilities but is surprised to see the rapid development over the years thanks to Utkarsh’s varied products be it poles on the road, railway electrification or PVC pipes. The video strikes chords with the youth who like the one in the video consider village visits a punishment more than a merry. Utkarsh India also went on to indulging its followers into some selfie/boomerang contest. The idea behind the contest was to share a selfie with the strongest woman they know showcasing every woman to be a reflection of Maa Durga. The unique idea got them a lot of entries whilst making Durga Puja truly special to these women. They were also asked to share boomerang videos of a long standing ritual they follow thus giving a modern touch to the traditional puja ritual followed over the years. On day three an eye gazing video wishing everyone Durgashtomi was uploaded making Durgashtomi wishes a truly heartfelt one. On day four, netizens were asked to share their favorite durga puja moment, be it in the mandal, during the aarti or random bonding activities with loved ones. The activity got a lot of responses from youngsters, selfie and boomerang being the current Internet trend. The last day was marked by asking people to share group pictures enjoying the festivities and overall making Durga Pujo a memorable affair. As they say, pictures are the new memory buttons in people’s lives.

Appealing to human emotions in a way that is relatable to your target group is an effective way to connect and encourage engagement. Emotional quotient plays a key factor in viral content. Overall Utkarsh India very well used the modern Internet concepts of selfies, boomerangs, Groupfies to add a ting of youthness to their otherwise serious brand persona.



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