US, UK, Germany lead the way in LIA 2016 Music & Sound shortlist

London International Awards (LIA) has announced the shortlist for Music & Sound. There are 59 shortlisted entries in the medium, with the United States (15), United Kingdom (12) and Germany (7) leading the way.

Factory Studios, London has four entries shortlisted, whilst BBDO New York, Massive Music and TBWASingapore have picked up three nominations each.

Led by Jury President Sander van Maarschalkerweerd of Sizzer Amsterdam, this year’s judging panel consisted of Sam Ashwell, Scott Cymbala, Peter Holcomb, Abby Sie, Rani Vaz and Brian Yessian.

Winners will be announced on November 2, 2016.

Complete list of Music & Sound Shortlist (by country):


Finch Company, Sydney- University of Western Sydney“Deng Adut” - Use of Licensed Music

Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney- Samsung Galaxy S7“The Anthem” - Music Adaptation - Song

Rafael May Music, Sydney- Cadbury“Marvellous Creations” - Music Original - Song

Rumble Studios Pty Ltd, Sydney- Tourism Tasmania“Tourism Tasmania Brand 2015” - Music Original - Score

Song Zu, Sydney- Samsung UHD“Another World Awaits You” - Music Original - Song


McCann Worldwide Shanghai, Shanghai- Pateo“The Amazing Pateo Navigator” - Music Original - Score


Freezone Sound Design, Copenhagen- Stryhns“Food For Men” - Sound Design


Kouz Production, Paris- VOLVIC“The Eruption” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

Kouz Production, Paris- Far Cry“Far Cry Primal - The Charge” - Sound Design

ROSAPARK, Paris- Innocence in Danger“The Witness” - Use of Licensed Music


Leavingstone (TOP GROUP LLC), Tbilisi- Ikano“Smells Like Teen Spirit” - Music Adaptation - Song


fischerAppelt AG, Hamburg- Mercedes-Benz Vans“Extreme Alpine Soccer -  powered by Sprinter 4x4” - Music Original - Score

German Wahnsinn GmbH, Hamburg- VW Polo“Happy Birthday, Polo” - Music Original - Score

Heimat Werbeagentur Gmbh, Berlin- Hornbach“You're alive. Do you remember?” - Music Original - Score

Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg- EDEKA“Home for Christmas” - Music Original - Song

Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg- Netto Markendiscount“SupermarCats” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH, Berlin- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“Lang Lang plays the F.A.Z. - Germany's Leading Newspaper” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

Yessian Music GmbH, Hamburg- Kaufland Warenhandel“Neighbourhood” - Music Original - Score


Tokyu Agency Inc., Tokyo- Van Houten Cocoa“Mamametal Lazy Boy” - Music Original - Song

Tokyu Agency Inc., Tokyo- Van Houten Cocoa“Mamametal House Maid” - Music Original - Song

Tokyu Agency Inc., Tokyo- Van Houten Cocoa“Mamametal Coming Home Late” - Music Original - Song


Clemenger BBDO, Wellington- Road Safety“Hello” - Music Adaptation - Song


Fuse Family Pte Ltd, Singapore- IKEA Malaysia“Get Cheras To IKEA Cheras” - Music Original - Song

Grey Group Pte Ltd, Singapore- DCA Mine Action“Never Walk Alone” - Music Adaptation - Song

TBWASingapore, Singapore- Magnum Photos Fund“Marilyn” - Sound Design

TBWASingapore, Singapore- Magnum Photos Fund“The Beatles” - Sound Design

TBWASingapore, Singapore- Magnum Photos Fund“Ché” - Sound Design


Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg- H&M“World Recycle Week” - Music Original - Song


MassiveMusic, Amsterdam- Fiber One“Expecting” - Music Original - Song

MassiveMusic, Amsterdam- Centraal Beheer“Rapper” - Music Original - Song

MassiveMusic, Amsterdam- FIFA16“Play Beautiful” - Music Adaptation - Song

Sizzer Amsterdam, Amsterdam- Need For Speed“Tonight We Ride” - Music Adaptation - Song


750mph, London- Johnnie Walker“Join The Pact São Paulo” - Sound Design

750mph, London- Angry Birds 2“Bigger. Badder. Birdier.” - Sound Design

adamandeveDDB, London- Loyalty App“Shoplifters” - Use of Licensed Music

adamandeveDDB, London- Premier Home Insurance“Tiny Dancer” - Use of Licensed Music

Factory Studios, London- Honda“Paper” - Sound Design

Factory Studios, London- Honda“Ignition” - Sound Design

Factory Studios, London- Sainsbury's“Mog's Christmas Calamity” - Sound Design

Factory Studios, London- Save The Children“Still The Most Shocking Second A Day” - Sound Design

Havas Worldwide London, London- Heathrow Airport“The First Flight” - Use of Licensed Music

Leland Music Ltd., London- John Lewis“The Man On The Moon” - Music Adaptation - Song

Leland Music Ltd., London- Channel 4 - Paralympics“Paralympics 'We're The Superhumans'” - Music Adaptation - Song

RANKIN, London- Geox“Start Breathing” - Music Original - Score


Antfood, Brooklyn- Nike“Hypervenom” - Sound Design

Arnold Worldwide, Boston- Hershey's“My Dad” - Music Adaptation - Song

BBDO New York, New York- Bacardi“The Truck” - Use of Licensed Music

BBDO New York, New York- American Family Insurance“Judo Kid” - Music Original - Score

BBDO New York, New York- Mars Petcare / Pedigree“Dark to Light” - Sound Design

Energy BBDO, Chicago- Extra Gum“Sarah & Juan” - Music Adaptation - Song

Found Objects Music Productions, New York- Under Armour
“Rule Yourself” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, Atlanta- Pennzoil“JOYRIDE Circuit” - Sound Design

Johannes Leonardo, New York- adidas Originals“Future” - Music Original - Song

Leo Burnett Chicago, Chicago- Samsung Galaxy S7“The Anthem” - Music Adaptation - Song

mcgarrybowen, New York- United Airlines“One Journey Two Teams” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

Musikvergnuegen, Encino- Intel“Experience Amazing” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

SapientNitro, New York- Natural Resources Defense Council“Save The Food: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry” - Music Adaptation - Instrumental

The Sweet Shop, Hollywood- Thomas Cook“Pool Boy” - Music Original - Song

Yessian Music, Farmington Hills- Macy's“The Wish Writer” - Music Original - Score


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