Unravelling uncommon trends in Graphic Design: Harnish Shah

Authored by Harnish Shah, Co-Founder, 3 Minds Digital

In a world full of people with growing inclination towards “Less is more”, Graphic Designing trends can’t stop progressing. Graphic design is an implementation of a designer’s vision in the form of a creative blend of texts and colors. The better the expression, the more it appeals to the audience. Monotony has never been a part of the design industry; hence we never cease to unravel the latest ideas and trends that could take us closer to progression. The designing world has dwelled into 9 new graphic design trends to make digital experience more fun on the whole. Following are the array of those 9 innovations in the world of design:

Asymmetrical Layout:

In a world that believes in Unicorns, who loves symmetry? Asymmetrical Layout thus helps disrupt the symmetry in a creative way. Herein, a designer gets the freedom to express and create unique, intriguing images that are symmetrical but lack symmetry. This trend can be used to create a visually impactful and appealing illusion.

3D Design and Typography:

Due to its easy comradeship with almost every type of text, 3D design and typography have proved to be a very artistic way to make the letters look catchy. It’s like bringing words to life. The posters become more catchy and funky, thereby becoming more engaging to the audience. This effect helps designers give the required depth to the letters, in order to create a lasting impression.

Art Deco:

Inspired from the ancient geometric patterns that were a symbol of elegance and simplicity, the Art deco design trend is a symmetry oriented design type. The exuberant patterns that it moulds into its aesthetic design are a pure visual treat. The best part of this design type is that it has an inherent royalty inspired from the 1920’s and 1940’s era. A Designer embeds his creativity into these majestic design samples to create an alluring pattern of design.

Light on Dark color Scheme:

This scheme is majorly used by the technical companies in 2019.  Light on Dark color scheme involves usage of light colored elements on a dark background. This also makes the display very power efficient and creates a simplistic outlook. It is because of this simple layout, that this pattern can easily be adapted on any screen without any hassle.

Duotones and gradients:

Gradients are a tool that can provide depth to your design. Colorful gradients help designers make their posters stand out. Graphic designers get a lot of freedom to creatively play with various combinations of duotones, i.e. two colors, other than black and white. Also, this effect can be very purposeful if you have to use it on your branding by simply using the two color tones that represent your brand.

Color minimalism:

Minimalism refers to using only the shades in the grayscale. These are then implemented into various designs to bring about the minimalistic aspect. Well, not anymore. Color minimalism allows you to choose any color and then minimize its effect to make it look subtle and timelessly beautiful. This trend has not only conquered the design world but it has also brought a remarkable impact in the fashion industry. This is certainly a trend to watch out for in 2019.

Hand Drawn Illustrations:

The most creative and artistic way of expressing images with rhythmic lines and their proper blending, is the hand drawn illustration trend. It effortlessly promotes authenticity and is also said to be having a very relaxing and meditative effect on the viewer. Here, a designer gets full flexibility to explore all the possible adversities of his creativity.

Isometric design:

Isometric designs are important to provide intricate details in simple 2D designs i.e., it sprinkles small infinites into the little spaces in the picture.  With this a designer can create 3D objects in a 2D image to make it more impactful. But the cherry on top is the fact that these designs get saved in a size smaller than the actual 3D designs.

Buxom Serif:

Say hello to this cheerful font type that is synonymous to captivating creativity. Hailing from the family of the most extensively used sans serif font, Buxom serif is a quirky cute font that is worth trying.

Humans primarily strived only to survive, and then they aspired to attain security. Ever since then, the human race is aiming to endeavor luxury and innovation to the next level each day. Hence, with such new design trends coming up, there is nothing circumscribing the designers from exploring and creating outcomes that are as unique and engaging as possible.

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About the Author

Harnish Shah a co-founder at 3 minds digital; he has completed his bachelor’s degree in design and communication.  He has 7 years of experience in the graphics and UI/UX space. He has also co-founded another company, Design Pitch Deck that has grown to be one-of Asia’s biggest player in the corporate/investor presentation design space.

His expertise lies in branding, packaging and design processes. Harnish worked as a UI/UX consultant at Deloitte Digital prior to co-founding 3MD. He remains the core pivot to the strides 3MD has made as a design consultancy. His vision and approach to design helps him excel his department. He believes that design can solve untold problems.


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