Turning mobile into a powerful medium for customised communication

In this world of ‘Always On’ consumer, marketers are ‘custom tailoring’ their marketing communication. The objective is not only to smoothen customer experience but also to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

And that too in this era of continuous partial attention. While we might still have divergent views on what is the first screen in consumers’ media interactions, one cannot deny that at the time consumer is engaged with mobile, it is always the ‘first’ screen. Marketers are increasingly accepting this fact.

Vasuta Agarwal, VP & GM - India and South Asia, InMobi, expresses, “Mobile has become the primary screen for consumers in India with an average of 4.5 hours spent every day. It is also the most personalised screen always in the palm of a user’s hand, and so has the most potential for delivering the right message to the right consumer in a very personalised and customised way. Brands are overcoming the challenge of spray and pray with mobile.”

With proliferation of mobile devices, while demographics are still an important part of consideration set, preferences among individual consumers are becoming equally important. Effort, therefore, is on creating as detailed pictures of individual customers as possible so that highly personalised communication can be delivered. Kaizad Pardiwalla, President & Chief Operating Officer - The 120 Media Collective, expresses, “With mobile (digital) there is an opportunity to micro target and hence the messaging can be highly targeted. This allows us to contextualize messaging to micro-segments, thereby dramatically increasing brand relevance, empathy and creative efficacy.”

This, in turn, makes mobile perfect platform for marketing communication that does not only blend with the content but can be delivered in the right context. Harshil Karia, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Schbang, opines, “This is the true power of Mobile. It is through an integration of content-based delivery and context-based delivery that mobile wins.” He further elaborates, “Content because if I am watching a piece of content about building cake recipes, an ad that talks to me about cake recipes as a part of the context or atleast fits my consumer profile is necessary. Further, context-based delivery is more about location. Hitting the consumer when he/ she is at a mall or basis the weather in his/ her city and hyper personalising an offer linked to that is when advertising becomes far more effective.

While measurement of mobile media, still is a grey area, its accurate delivery based on in-depth analysis is uncontested. Even the consumer preferences, that tradition media, found difficult to gauge, can now be identified.”

Rohan Mehta, CEO, Social Kinnect, expresses, “Targeting consumers based on location, language or interest is quite easy on mobile phones. One can study the consumer preferences to see what kind of apps they use or their frequent searches or the regular websites they use and can design their campaign accordingly to convey the right message to the target audience.”

Marketers have today accepted the power of mobile marketing, research and analyses of consumers’ mobile behaviour and purchase pattern too have come to the fore.

This data helps in remarketing to the consumer, as Rohan opines, “With more and more companies gathering data well and linking it with past purchase, remarketing the right ad to the right consumer at the right time is what mobile is becoming about.” 

What perhaps is most critical is for communication to be captivating. If creative does not get consumers’ attention, he/she is not going to pause fast speed scrolling and pay attention to the ad. Shradha Agarwal, COO, Grapes Digital, explains, “Attention span of a user has dropped to mili seconds today. If your creative is not attractive or delivering the right message, it will become a problem.” She adds, “To capture his attention, you need to deliver the message he is looking for basis his behaviour and contextuality. That’s where programmatic and remarketing also becomes useful.”


Interestingly, despite its advantages, cluttered mobile space might not only be a put off for the consumer, but also quickly turn ads into blind spots. Hence, right message to right consumer at the right time is the key.  Agrees Prasad Shejale, Co-Founder and CEO, Logicserve Digital, “With the growing usage of mobile devices and the multi-screen consumption patterns and of course the competition amongst brands to reach the audiences, it is but obvious that brands need to deliver their message correctly to the right user at a right time.”

We deliberate on this at The Mobile Media Summit 2018. Be there to gain new learnings and also, to express yourself.



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