Thought Blurb does a Magix trick for Parle

Thought Blurb, the Mumbai based advertising and design agency working with Parle Products has launched a new campaign for Parle Magix, the biscuit targeted at kids. The campaign is based on a universal truth - children have the ability to turn anything into a game with their imagination.

The campaign was kicked off with a TVC created in 11 languages running across all kids’ TV channels. This will be supported by print, digital, on-ground activations and a host of innovative media including Comic Books and on-ground activations. It is a quirky, sticky idea that stays with the audience long after the communication has been seen.

“Parle Magix is a cream-filled biscuit. In this category, the primary influencers are children and are therefore the target audience for Parle Magix. The cream-filled biscuits market has national and international brands as well as many regional players.  To break through the clutter, we needed a strategy that spoke directly to the child. The act of splitting open the biscuit and licking the cream is the way most children eat cream filled biscuits. So we decided to turn the act of eating the biscuit into a form of play. In fact, with a multi-media campaign we hope to establish eating Magix as a fun exercise in making the right decision.” - Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products.

Thought Blurb, came up with an idea to convert the process of eating Magix into a game. The act of twisting open a biscuit to make a decision however big or small appeals to the child in all of us. Similar to other games of chance like flipping a coin or rock-paper-scissors. Pull off the biscuit. Whichever side the cream sticks to, wins. This can be a decision maker, an umpire, or just another game that children play in the schoolyard. Therefore, ‘Iski cream jis side, wahi right side’.

“The campaign addresses the child who wants to fill his days with the most activity as possible. Letting the child know that his mischief is tolerated and also encouraged is the direction we’ve decided on. In other words, Parle Magix speaks directly to the child saying that ‘we let you decide what you would rather do.’” – Vinod Kunj, Partner & CCO, Thought Blurb.

Says Israa Khan, Brand Solutions Director, Thought Blurb: “We conducted a small experiment where children were given Parle Magix biscuits and we observed the way they ate. Most of the kids decided to split the shells and while doing so, they eagerly watched the cream side. That’s where the idea was born. We decided to go a step further by linking their innocent gesture with their indecisive nature, making the biscuit their friend, their hero and a decision maker.

Thought Blurb is a full-service advertising and design agency with offices in Mumbai and Kochi. Besides some of Parle’s key brands like Parle-G, Nutricrunch, Magix, and Milk Shakti, thought blurb works with leading clients in Mumbai and Kochi. Their clients include Bajaj Finserv, Reliance Digital, Tata Housing, Viviana Mall, Sheth Group, Lulu Mall, AVT, ABAD and the Synthite Group, to name a few.


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