The Perfectionist Prem of Zee TV-‘Aisi Deewangi… Dekhni Nahi Kahi’

Depicting the love-hate dynamics between two strong opposites least likely to fall for each other, in Zee TV’s new fiction offering ‘Aisi Deewangi… Dekhni Nahi Kahi’ is a fiery, passionate, action-packed love story. A very glossy, glamorous music video highlighting the chemistry between the leads hit television screens a couple of weeks prior to the show’s launch, attracted a lot of eye-balls and had everyone talking.  But no one knows the kind of hard work the lead pair had to put in to bring this much appreciated, larger-than-life video to their audiences. For the roguishly handsome Pranav Misshra who makes his debut as the lead Prem, it entailed playing with fire … literally so!

To begin with, the leads Pranav and Jyoti had to film this ‘hot’ music video in an environment that was actually hot … braving the scorching May summer in the parched lands of Bhor. Just a day prior, they shot a temple scene that required Pranav to pick up Jyoti and walk up several temple stairs. To get the perfect shot, Pranav carried Jyoti in his arms and climbed the stairs fifteen times over and ended up straining his back. Next day at the video shoot, Pranav had to run with abandon in front of a herd of wildly charging horses. Not exactly an easy task for someone with an already strained back! Furthermore, as a part of the song, Pranav was told to act like he was moving aside a pile of smoldering coal with his bare hands and the team said they would add the burning coal through editing. Determined to get the perfect shot and make the scene look authentic, Pranav took a call to actually brush aside real burning coal with his own bare hands.

Commenting on his experience, Pranav Misshra aka Prem Singh Rathod said, “It was a challenging scene in which I had to run in front of horses and  portray a range of expressions while I had a strained back. Having shot fifteen retakes of a heavy-duty scene which required me to carry Jyoti up a flight of stairs had strained my back. I was petrified and concerned as to what would happen if the animals lost control and trampled all over me. I like all my shots to be perfect, so I give my hundred percent to  each scene. To make the burning embers of coal shot look authentic, I took the decision to actually brush them aside with my own hands rather than let the post-production team add it during the edit. I had a few blisters on my palms after the shot but it was worth all the effort and pain as the music video got rave reviews and a lot of love from the audiences. It had a larger than life scale like a film and to be a part of it in the TV show where I debut as a lead was well worth any pain that I felt on my back and hands.”

Catch the handsome Pranav Misshra as Prem Singh Rathod in Aisi Deewangi, every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM, only on Zee TV.


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