The Man Company's campaign breaks our warped perception of masculinity

Emami backed men’s grooming startup The Man Company has challenged the stereotypes associated with being a ‘gentleman’ as a part of their first brand campaign #GentlemanInYou. The digital campaign received phenomenal success and engagement on social platforms and is a perfect testament to the prevailing stereotypes male chivalry in the society. It reveals a number of common but wrong notions associated with traits of a perfect gentleman.

The Campaign kickstarted with a post on job opening on LinkedIn where the brand is hiring for the role of a ‘perfect gentleman’. While the post got immediate traction across all channels with interesting comments, there was still a question mark pertaining to the job description of the profile.

The search further continued on-ground through a Vox pop which interestingly revealed that the traits of a gentleman are not gender agnostic in approach and are believed to be majorly about how one treats women, how they are supposed to behave in a professional environment and their outlook. The campaign established the fact that, unlike popular belief, a gentleman can have flaws, he can be vulnerable and wear his heart on his sleeve. The broader aim for the campaign was to bring together men who in their own way are modern gentlemen and are evolving/ providing an alternative to the definition. The brand has been successful in redefining the modern gentleman and has highlighted the flaws of our society with a simple approach.

This campaign has been ideated and conceptualized by Hashtag Orange – an ‘insight’ driven digital agency. Saurabh Kapoor, CEO & Founder of Hashtag Orange said, “Over the years, the socially accepted traits of a gentleman have been twisted to a great degree. Social insights reveal that a man’s conduct with women is believed to be the core parameter of defining one as a gentleman. This campaign was conceptualized to break such stereotypes and redefine the modern gentleman to highlight the real traits of a true gentleman. The idea of this campaign is simple and extremely relatable and therefore, it has garnered phenomenal engagement among the audiences.” 

Founder, Hitesh Dhingra quoted on the campaign approach, "The modern-age man, as we perceive, is vulnerable and open to imperfections. We, as a brand, strongly believe that stereotypes around gender roles are meant to be redefined, even if it comes to redefining who is a gentleman. This reflects our brand ideology and principles which encourage men to be the best version of themselves." 

The campaign serves as a classic example of socially prevalent stereotypes and established the fact that all we need to do is stir a few thoughts to achieve social change. The new age audiences are very receptive of new ideas provided that they are of relevant in the respective social setup.


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